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1154: Bette Midler Is A Savage


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Rod and Karen discuss gay news, Elizabeth Warren attacked by Bernie supporters on Facebook, Obama skipping Nancy Raegan’s funeral, 50 Cent was fronting for the Gram, Kim Kardashian gets backlash for “naked” selfie, dad places job ad for dating his daughter, German mayor caught watching porn, Ashley Graham Sports Illustrated backlash, sexting politician, drunk judge and sword ratchetness.

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  1. mayabee

    Re: the politics of being bi in the LGBT community: Yes, there’s people in the community who tell people like me we don’t exist. It’s hard being told that you’re supposed to straddle the line of gay and straight when bisexuality and pansexuality is so much deeper than that. As a 21 year old LesBIan (I’m a bisexual lesbian), I came out when I was 18 after being in the closet for 7 years. Despite my coming out to an LGBT group on my campus, I still dealt with very dumb questions about what being bi was and that since I haven’t had sex with a girl, I was still a “baby” lesbian. Despite all of this, I am very happy with young folks figuring out who they are and loving themselves. Signing off, the resident baby listener of the show.

  2. corgdyceps

    I can speak a little about Utah. (Caveat: white straight male) Lived there for 33 years before moving four years ago. I got pretty active with the LBGT movement paticularly after Prop 8 in California. Utah is very much a theocracy espesially outside of Salt Lake City and it was and still is very difficult to come out there, the church is ingrained into your identity and the culture outside of SLC, Park City and some of the universities is largly homogonous (I met one non-mormon, a catholic, prior to 18). Coming out often meant losing your family, your friends, your community, and more fundimentally, your identity. The suicide rate for LGBT was scary. After prop 8 the LGBT community became much more fired up, with protests, psycological support, media campaigns, and political manuverings. I havent been there in four years but from what I’ve heard it feels ‘safer’ with this visible support so more people come out, more families have to come to terms, more acceptance. I wouldn’t be suprised if the ‘moving to red states’ is acually due to ‘not moving out of red states’. Anyway, my thoughts.

    This is the first time I’ve contacted the show, but I’ve been listening for about two years, and premium for a year and change. This is literally my fav. podcast of all time, you two are the best! Keep up the great work.

  3. femme_esq

    In regards to the news about the increases in LGBT population in traditionally red states: how do they know the gay people moved to those places? Is it possible that, as the country as a whole became more accepting, more people came out in traditionally hostile states? The other thing I was considering: where are they moving from? Are we talking about people from Provo, Utah who would have moved to San Diego are moving to Salt Lake City instead? Because I doubt we are talking about people who are moving from San Diego to Salt Lake City!

    As between the Dem candidates, I have heard Hillary discuss employment discrimination against gay people, which I appreciate hearing.

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