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1162: Booty Bootcamp

A group workout.

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Rod and Karen discuss Chipotle giving away more food, Planned Parenthood in Florida, Idaho sheriff apologizes for rape remarks, Twitter keeping character limit, Ashanti stalker found guilty, Azealia Banks still talking, Keri Hilson gets dragged, sheriff’s suspended b/c of Trump rally, the Academy apologizes to Asians, Gawker loses to Hulk Hogan, pissing in cereal, Bootcamp, revenge porn bff, child porn on phone after skipping out on tab, domestic violence call ignored because it was a cop and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    Those creeps who hang out in front of the Zumba class are real. There was a guy who used to watch my Zumba class with his hands down his pants. He didn’t try to hide it. He’d take pics and everything. When he was confronted, he pretended he was hard of hearing. There were a lot of pervs who’d stare in the window during our booty shaking routines but that old man took the cake. I think he got kicked out of the gym.

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