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1167: Fear Of A Black Woman


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Rod and Karen discuss Easter, Trump vs Cruz in a “wife off”, Phife Dawg tribute by WSB-TV, bowling alley investigation in to porn film, VR porn, Rob Ford dead, Aealia Banks drops mix-tape, Kanye pop up shop, Danny Boy arrested, Iggy takes a shot at Nicki, Beyonce album drop emergency preparedness kit, Bee Sweet lemonade, black woman hating homophobic school admin, Jet Blue drug runner, man killed by trailer and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Will in Toronto

    I don’t get to catch the live spreecast as often as I’d like to but i’m glad I caught this one. Your commentary on that hotep clown was absolute church on a sunday. Props to you Karen for speaking from your own experience to tie it all together and allowing the message to really hit hard.

  2. LongAShortA

    The righteous fury Karen released after that Rod read that hotep facebook post was equal parts scary and soothing. I get mad every time I’m reminded that black women are tasked to pick up the slack for ain’t shit men. So, I got my life when Karen almost went super sayan on that bullshit anti black woman mentality. I thought Karen’s hair was going to turn blonde and spiky.

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