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1187: Lemonade


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Rod and Karen are joined by Reggie from What’s The Tea Podcast to discuss Beyoncé’s Lemonade visual album and the fall out. We really didn’t talk about anything else ya’ll.

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  1. Lenore312

    I need yall to know i’m only taking a break from LEMONADE to listen to podcasts discussing LEMONADE. This is my second time being a part of the Day of Beyonce Drop crew. I had that 90-day TIDAL trial Bey blessed me with during Formation. I had HBO at home (shout out to my brother for gifting me his old flat screen randomly a few weeks ago) so I could watch Bey in HD from the comfort of my bed. So.Many.Moments!!!
    Underboob Beyonce is my favorite Beyonce BUT I wanna be friends with Crazy Bat Beyonce (i’m also scared of her) Serena was trying to pay the rent with that dance! All the beautiful Black women in all walks of life. The fact that i now know Warsan Shire and love her. The MAMAs took me out! Freedom igniting my soul! The LOVE!
    Big F U to all the ashies, haters and intilectually dishonest reviewers that only see what they want to see and hear what they want to hear when Beyonce clearly covered every damn base in this work of art.
    This was a virtual (and at times literal) strong cry and sisterhood hug shared with everyone but meant for every black woman watching.

  2. AJtheEngineer

    Once again this was another great week of podcasting, Reggie was a great guest as usual. I wrote in after “Formation” dropped and said I had no idea how anybody could not like black women. I’m here to say it again! How the fuck can anybody not like black women? Tell me PLEASE! In the past I never disliked Beyonce but didn’t appreciate her, now I realize how dumb that was. All you need to do is listen to a week of TBGWT to understand that women, espcially black women, are reminded daily how they “ain’t shit”. We hear it from GamerGate nerds, athletes, the police, men of all colors, and yall know I could go on. We have one artist who will make music that speaks to black women which means Beyonce is a national treasure, just like Cardi B. I know she isn’t the only pro-black artist but she has the biggest platform and I love how she is using it.

    Just like Trump supporters, I’m giving some hard side-eye to people who dislike Beyonce. We all have our opinions but if the only times you comment on Bey are to shit on her and her work, you’re telling me something about yourself. Just like clockwork all the people on my timeline who hated Formation were talking about how Lemonade was “psycotic” or “bipolar”. But I have receipts, the people I saw negatively commenting on the video have had past posts talking about infidelity and parenthood in their own lives. So why can’t you find any connection with the emotions Bey is describing? And wait a second, if you dislike her so much why are you even watching the video? There was plenty of other tv last saturday night.

    Right now at this moment I’m looking at the comment section of an NPR article written about Lemonade. There are so many people who probably claim to be “liberal” and “not racist” saying some pretty racist, non-liberal shit in the thread. I’m also seeing a lot of comments about her wearing fur in the video, if these “liberals” don’t have a fucking seat. Once again we have another chance to discuss the deeper racial issues but we choose to comment on some dumb shit. Also, anybody who says Serena “looks like a man” can get the fuck outta here. When I saw her walk down those stairs I said “Ohhhhh I’m crying now”.

    Actually I want to change something I said earlier, yes it is ok to have an opinion, but shut the fuck up during black girl time. Your take isn’t that hot.

    Yall have a great weekend, peace.

  3. sugahbabe

    Karen, Rod, Reggie?! I love y’all! I saved this episode for Monday morning because I KNEW it’d lift my spirits.
    I almost didn’t make it, y’all.

    ONE: It never occurred to me that Canada wasn’t a part of the U.S. I couldn’t watch Lemonade live and I’ve never felt fear of missing out like I did Saturday night. I shed a tear and sulked like a 3 year old. My husband said I should have checked and then he would have driven me to the border. (This why he my husband). I quickly recovered when King Bey tweeted that it was on Tidal which I’ve been fucking with since day one so I was ecstatic. I’ve been sleeping, cooking, showering, cleaning, driving among other things since Saturday.

    TWO: I almost walked out of the gym on this blessed Beysus Lemonade Monday morning. This lady kept asking everyone if they had watched Lemonade. I didn’t answer because I drove to the gym listening to Lemonade and I didn’t want to discuss shit with anyone who wasn’t a certified member of The Hive. Then my instructor chimed in to utter the ultimate blasphemy: Bey wasn’t original or creative and she wasn’t impressed by Serena twerking. I almost dropped my weights and ran up on her but she could take me. So I just mumbled in my head: PUT SOME RESPECK ON BEY AND SERENA’S NAMES! I stopped smiling and speaking to everyone who participated in Beysus slander and left without offering anyone a ride because I was BIG MAD as Reggie would say. My sister thinks I really need to curb my petty. I said: “Me part with petty, not for nothing, never happen”.

    “Sorry, I ain’t sorry. I ain’t sorry, nigga, nah!!”

  4. NatashaP

    I would love to leave a nuanced response, but all I can muster is yaaaaaas! This episode was so much fun.

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