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1190: Traiter Jon’s


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Rod and Karen are joined by NicJu of the What’s The Tea Podcast to discuss Aisha Tyler and Game of Thrones.

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  1. BigDaddyD8

    Love the show and the way you all broke down that Aisha Tyler BS. I can’t stand when black folks act like going to an HBCU ( I am a Howard Grad ) is some 2nd rate experience. I have never been a big fan of hers and any black entertainer who seem to be more then happy to out of their way to say basically I’m not like those other black folks.

  2. Amani

    #DemThrones is back!! Ava Duvernbae approved and everything. Great episode and always love having NicJu on.

    You asked why Doran’s son was on the ship in the first place, that’s answered in Jamie’s letter to the Prince (http://i.imgur.com/kdZiRpA.jpg):

    “The Princess Myrcella died by poison on our return journey. I suspect Ellaria Sand, not you, but my sister will demand war. I doubt Ellaria’s head will appease her, but it is a start, along with your neices. Your son cannot stay in King’s Landing. I am sending him back on the same ship.”

    So much for any chance they had at peace. And no wonder Gendry’s been rowing so long after he had the the 900 year old Grey Woman Gollum pussy all over his body.

    I appreciated y’all handling the Aisha Tyler nonsense. I don’t have anything to add other than hand claps to Karen’s ether. Keep doing your thing and y’all keep running, ’cause a winner don’t quit on themselves.

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