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Rod and Karen are joined by John Minus and Cerrome Russell of the Decepticomics to discuss the new Decepticomics show in Atlanta, strip clubs, Lauryn Hill cancels a show, Ayesha Curry gets hated on, a man gets a kidney from his girlfriend, James McAvoy gets divorced, bad comic book movies, Raven Symone may leave The View, Zimmerman auctioning gun that killed Trayvon, Colorado legalized weed but has arrested more black and brown kids for weed possession, NC student suspended for smelling like weed, woman held captive in a box, python owner let’s snake around his toddler, Taco Bell drunk arrested and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Forest

    Man, listen. The cism in Denver is so real! I just moved from there, b/c it was very clear that the utopia was not for my black ass. I’ve lived all across the country and as much of a bad rap the south gets, Denver is where I’ve had the most interaction with racist cops. In addition to the downside Karen mentioned of the rising housing prices. The other downside is they out there robbing people b/c marijuana is a cash business b/c the banks are still sketchy about it. A lot of people don’t report it b/c they’re growing illegally. So, white people, do you out there, but, if you black, enter Denver at your own risk. The whole city is one endless game of Fucking With Black People. 100s across the board.

  2. Cassie67Impala

    What’s goin Rod and Karen? I’ve been listening to TBGWT’s for almost a year, but just started diving in deeper the podcast. I plan on becoming a premium member in the near future, you guys are dedicated and I want you to know how much I appreciate you both by becoming a premium member. I can’t stop laughing every time you mention Lauryn Hill and her always being on CP time. You hit every nail on the head about misogyny, racism, and how people view black women. I started listening for Dem Thrones, but what keeps me coming back is your discussions about politics and culture. Thank you for all you give to us (the listeners!!)

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