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1210: What You White Walking About Wylas?


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Rod and Karen are joined by the crew of the Fiyastarter.com Podcast to discuss hashtag-gate and then we recap Game of Thrones.

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  1. hirojashibe

    Rod and Karen it was nice to hear y’ll patch things up with Fiyastarter Crew and get things to simmer down on the interwebs. Could Y’ll use your Peace Making Powers for the Great Good maybe settle the twitter beef between Louis Tomlinson Vs. Zayn Malik of the One Direction fame.( It is not for me my younger sister is really into both of them)

    On to the #Thornes Bran really F-up on this one and I am hoping that he has actually learn something from the death of everyone again. Because that little boy has his location on and if somehow is able to get down South and cross the Wall it is “Game Over Man” for everybody.

    Have a Great Sat Y’ll.

  2. Amani

    Just want to let you know how much it means to see with both of y’all being so mature and handling this situation like adults. There’s so much negativity every day, it’s great to see you actively bringing people together and listening to each other and not just ego. This podcast and the community makes me better everyday and that’s why your audience is what it is. You can’t fake that authenticity. Hell it would even be cool if things worked out to get Jamie on here. Not even to talk about this, but because y’all are all dope Black creators and it’s always cool to see that come together.

    And Rod I think you’re right that Ramsay didn’t send that letter to Jon. At first I thought it might be the Umber Lord trying to play him since I’m not convinced that was a real direwolf head, but the more I think about it, it was probably Littlefinger. Ramsay’s plan was always to go to Castle Black and kill Jon, so giving him time to build an army doesn’t make sense. But it does help Littlefinger trying to leverage the numbers of the Knights of the Vale. But the way the letter was written means if he did send it, he definitely knew about Ramsay.

    I’m more curious about who paid for the hit on that actress. Arya assumes it’s the younger girl, but what it’s Cersi or at least Clyburn? She did tell him to find everyone mocking her and have them killed. How ironic would it be for Arya to be working for the last woman in her list. And for Zartan to know it. Great show as always, and look forward to seeing y’all at Awesomecon next week. Hope you get to take a real vacation this summer too, lord knows it’s been a long year.

  3. DeeDubb

    I too had an almost emotional breakdown over the death of Hodor. It’s not that he was integral to the storyline, it’s that he was a decent person and there are so few decent people in Westeros. Everyone has an agenda, and all Hodor wanted was a couple of Denny’s grand slamwiches. Hope he’s in Westeros Valhalla Heaven, drinking ale and eating bacon. And Bran can go straight to the Seven Hells. Hate that boy.

  4. csick

    Ha, I didn’t write that email but the Kokiri kids is a reference to the kids that worship the Deku Tree at the beginning of Zelda Ocarina of Time.

  5. csick

    I have a different take on Sansa’s interaction with Littlefinger.
    While it definitely shows how her personality has changed, I saw it as just another instance of the Starks shooting themselves in the foot.
    She and Jon need an army, and Littlefinger offered them an army, but she was pissed at him, so she said “fuck your army, i’ll find my own army”
    If there’s once thing we know about this show it’s that anytime a character (especially the Starks) let their anger/pride/grudges/emotions get in the way of making a decision that would benefit their cause, they get fucked over big time.
    Don’t get me wrong, Sansa has every right to be pissed at Littlefinger, but she should have taken that army and made him pay later.
    I hope I’m wrong, but I have a feeling the Starks are going to suffer because if it.

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