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1219: The Blac Chyna Of Westeros


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Rod and Karen are joined by Mel of The Good And Terrible Show to recap Game of Thrones.

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  1. EvieE

    Can I just say I love it when you have Mel on to recap Game of Thrones, I love all your guests but I swear every time she’s on, my sides ends up hurting from laughing so hard.

  2. Amani

    Hey Rod & Karen,

    Rod you’ve been saying you’ve gotten addicting to seeing somebody die and it hit me. You’re The Hound. The show tried to talk about a different path, and convince you there’s an alternative, and for two weeks things were cool. But at the end of the day it’s time to pick up that axe and handle business and I have a feeling next week is gonna get you back.

    Arya X tried to leave the Nation of Islam, and now she’s looking around Braavos like that Mr. Krabs meme. I have a feeling she might get saved by that actress, but she’s better stop acting so naive and get revenge with Needle. Meanwhile I’m hoping Yara and her crew run into my nigga pirate Salladhor. We gonna find out he’s really from House Jackson and they’ve got the deadliest navy in Westeros.

    And the one thing I really want to see is Jamie finally fight this season. He’s been on one all year, talking shit to everybody, but when he was in Dorne his ass could barely hold the sword left handed. I don’t know if he has a death wish or if he’s just been practicing since they killed his daughter but SOMETHING is up. Blackfish bars gonna get him off his game.

    Great show as always though, and so good having Mel back on.

  3. Ray

    Hey Rod and Karen,

    I looooved this recap of the show. Karen, you got them jokes off like your life depended on it and I was here for every single one of them.

    I’m a little worried on how Cersai is going to gain back control. I don’t think it’ll be just as simple as to kill the High Sparrow and his squad. Only because the masses have been influenced. If he dies, the peasants could riot and you really can’t stop them.

    The only person I was rooting for is Arya, but now I just have to sit back and watch my favorite character get stab and tortured. From the looks of it, Waif is going to torture Arya for a bit. Kinda like when you fuck up and your mom says she’ll talk to you in a bit and she just has you waiting in your room. I don’t think Arya is going to make it out this show alive, but dammit she gonna just have suck it up and live through a couple more seasons. I need to see the Starks have a family reunion. I know I shouldn’t be team Stark, but I need to see the Starks have a glow up moment. I hope they bring older Ned (actor Sean Bean) back in the flash backs Bran is having.

    One more thing, I’m guessing Yara sucking on some boobies and sleeping with that whore was her sexuality revealed. I hope so, cause I’m here for it. I’ve been waiting for an awesome lesbian character who is in the main cast. I just hope that they don’t turn it into a fetish. What I don’t want is that every time Yara’s sexuality is brought up its cause shes fucking some whore…or Dany. I just want it to be genuine and realistic to what being gay is — not so people can see two women fuckin’ on screen all the time.

    Sorry if this was long, I don’t usually write in, but between Yara maybe being gay and Arya getting the shit stabbed out of her, I just have to give my opinion.

    Ps – Shout out to SterSter (Sterling), Quita (my sister aka the worst child in the family), Monique, and Charles. They got me listening to y’all and I never turned back.

  4. Natasha

    This is my favorite recap thus far. I don’t even have the words, but I love it and I love you guys.

  5. profwilsonindeed

    NOLA guests in the BUILDING!!!! quite happy

  6. hirojashibe

    Now that Lady Olyenna has Left the Building that means Cersei is in Kings Landing unsupervised, her Father’s Dead, Her Uncle has no control over her, Tommen is weak, and Jamie is gone. Cersei is that kid you know if so much as stop looking at them they will set the house on fire. Which makes me think that damn prophesy that predicts all her children dying before her, a young queen usurping her, and then dying this could be it for Cersei. Which means things are going to be very exciting these last three Eps in the Kings Landing and finally Rob might get those Death’s he has been feening for these last couple Eps.

  7. Marc.G

    Adam and Eve need to create a Gold Jamie lanister clitbumper fist mold. you can also smack fools in the face with it. I’m ready for jamie to die thouh, he outlived his shelf life quickly after he lost his hand it’s a miracle he’s still alive. You guys are awsome usual and it’s always a pleasure to hear Ms Jackson on TBGWT

  8. Chay Chay

    Hey Karen and Rod!

    Thanks for the recaps, brilliant! Always funny as hell and Mel had me rollin!
    Quick note from one of the recap emails. I doubt an ice dragon is possible because they are born of fire. Everything about them is the exact opposite of a white walker. Ice Hodor and summer are coming :'( but an ice dragon? No way.

    Thank you both for your amazing work! I don’t know how I got ready for work, commuted, ran errands or cleaned, without you. Keep up the fantastic work. Love y’all like play cousins!


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