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1222: Starring Chadwick Boseman


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Rod and Karen discuss more information about the Orlando shooting, Marco Rubio, Azealia Banks, Stacey Dash, man arrested heading to LA Pride parade, Chadwick Boseman, Adele goes off, Amber Rose talks about Kim K again, Bobby Brown had sex with a ghost, Airbnb cleaning up their site, 3 black lawyers start their own firm after a tweet, NYC School suspending black victims of sexual assault, racial disparity in preschool suspensions, three black teenagers, Harriet Tubman movie, Thot King arrested, care worker suspended, dog beer and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Koritha Mitchell

    I very much appreciate how thoughtfully you’ve been covering the Orlando shooting. I want to share something I think is important about the newest stories about the killer having used gay dating apps. I volunteer for an organization focused on LGBTQ+ youth, so I’m sensitive to the danger of simple “self-hate” arguments. This is important analysis from scholar-activist Lisa Duggan: “The news about Mateen in gay clubs and on gay dating/sex apps does not mean he was ‘really’ gay, a self-hating gay man. It means he responded to his own queer desire, present in everyone, with the violence promoted by the toxic masculinity he was invested in… That toxic masculinity lives in the militarism of his G4S employment, his admiration for NYPD, in his interpretation of religion, and elsewhere. That toxic masculinity violently suppresses femininity in men, as well as queerness. It wipes out sensitivity and tenderness, with dominance and guns.” ~Lisa Duggan

    • Koritha Mitchell

      Duggan’s comment very much supports the connection you two made on today’s show about domestic violence and how many of these hyper-masculine perpetrators abuse women in situations that society treats as “private” before branching out to cause “public” destruction.

  2. How SWAY?

    I can’t wait to see Chadwick Boseman as Denzel Washington as Malcolm X!

    Great episode.

  3. How SWAY?

    How do you figure that the right answer is guns in clubs? The point is to keep them out of places where alcohol is served, so this makes NO sense Stacy! That’s the opposite of the way that the laws work.

  4. Patricia Pritchett

    Had to tell you guys that I loooove your podcast!! Hooked from the word, “Go! Go!” #HellaFunny

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