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1224: Black History The Movie


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Rod and Karen discuss LGBTQ new, more Orlando shooting news, Gator pulls kid into water at Disney, WHUT, Ebony and Jet sold, social media bad for health, Zoe Saldana racist cop defended by black girlfriend, Herman Cain defends trump, Ghostbuster pedo, McDonald’s employee jumped, mom abandons kid after police chase and sword ratchetness.

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  1. brooklynshoebabe

    That’s it! I cannot drink anything while listening to TBGWT anymore. I was listening to the Black History: The Movie starring Chadwick Boseman trailer and just giggling my butt off while walking to pick my kids up from school. The final line was what slayed it for me. I burst out laughing and sprayed all the water I was drinking right out of my mouth “And starring Chadwick Boseman as you. ‘Damn, that nigga in everything.'” You and Karen are the bestest. Really, really, really get me through my days. If I went premium, all I would do is listen to your shows. My kids would be waiting around for me to cook dinner and stuff. Keep up the good work.

  2. btouch

    The Chadwick Boseman trailer gave me so much much-needed joy this week. My favorite Boseman roles were “Chadwick Boseman as Sojourner Truth – ‘ain’t I a woman?'” and “Chadwick Boseman as Rosa Parks – ‘No!'”

    Thanks for your continued and well-balanced coverage of the Pulse shooting, as well as of Anderson Cooper exposing Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi as the hypocrite she is. She could have chosen at any time before this to change her views on and approach to LGBT people, and she waited until after death and terror had affected them. It wouldn’t’ve even been as bad for her if she’d just apologized for her past actions – look at the lieutenant governor in Utah – Utah! She can have a seat and stop running into the heaving mammy bosom of Fox News to protect her from the big, scary Silver Fox.

  3. mayabee

    This is gonna cover all the coverage that y’all did over the Pulse shooting so I felt it’s fitting to do it on the last episode of the week. Dear Auntie Karen and Uncle Rod, thank you for providing a safe space during this attack against my LGBT siblings by rightfully being angry as everyone should. TBGWT was the first time I actually said out loud that I was a lesbian and what happened in Orlando shook me to my core, but since I am not fully out yet, I could not outwardly show my anger and sadness in front of my family. But listening to y’all this week, I was able to sort through my emotions and grieve accordingly. Thank you for providing me with laughs and happiness during this darkest hour. Love, your lesbian niece Maya.

  4. Tiffany Smoke

    Rod….PLEASE get out of my LIFE!! OMG I was here at work at my desk in tears when you were doing the movie trailer!! I was laughing so hard, my NOSY neighbor came over to see if I was ok *side eye* I’m laughing heaux…I’m GREAT #nosy
    Keep up the great work you two, your podcast never lets me down, Karen’s laugh always puts a smile on my face, and I LOVE singing along with F-ng with Black People:-) Love you guys and again keep up the great work!

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