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PG 46: Running Trains

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Rod and Justin discuss homophobia at the YMCA, dating your friend’s ex, child support form guy, Rod walked in on a train one time, going to a wedding that started late, Love and Hip Hop and going to the movies. Balls Deep 5/27

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  1. J-Full

    My roommate met this Muslim chick from Turkey one night at the club. We all come back to the crib and they’re fucking and she was mad loud. Like worse than Destiny Deville if you’ve ever seen her stuff.

    So a few days later he’s telling me she’s gonna come back to Vegas before she goes back to Turkey because and I quote “she’s obsessed with my dick bro”. So I say “well as loud as she was screaming she was either having the time of her life or literally being murdered”.

    He then says “yea she’s a lot of fun to fuck. You wanna join us next time? She’d totally be down!”

    Uhhh NIGGA WHAT?!? Who are these Derrick Rose niggas who get off on inviting other dicks to the party? My roommate is a 35 year old Asian dude who still acts like a frat boy. I bet he been doing this train shit for years!

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