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1226: Cocaine Fried Chicken


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Rod and Karen are joined by Rod’s Dad to discuss Nick Cannon’s divorce freestyle, Bobby Brown cocaine fried chicken, OG ManMan murdered, Disney gator-gate, Prince Be dead, Charlie Sheen, Amber Heard withdraws support request, the Popeye’s lady, Condi not gonna be VP, Herman Cain on Libya, Naomi Campbell messes up endorsement, LGBTQ news, black woman fakes racial threats, prison is racist, ban the box working against black people, banker fired for racism, Zimmerman, black business owner burns KKK robe, woman robs man during oral sex, tech writer tricks women into sex, Florida man buries his boss in dirt and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    Nick Cannon’s rap was the whackest thing I’ve ever heard. It’s worse than the worst white people covering trap music song. I’d rather watch Batman V Superman again than to hear that whack ass rap one more time. No wonder Mariah divorced him.

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