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1236: Black Twitter Forecast


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Rod and Karen white waiter fails the dap test, Facebook birthdays, bagging groceries, crush on Jamaican pharmacist, how to treat a woman at the deli, microwave food, Chris Brown back in the news, new centipede discovered, Cumia pleads guilty, Amber Rose supports Iggy, Drake worth 3 billion, Apple wants to stop iPhone photography in certain venues, Chuck E. Cheese job interview, Finding Dory audience gets R-Rated preview, Zuckerberg’s security, robot fast food, Azealia Banks, Racey Trash, mother not charged for beating her sons, woman fakes her own kidnapping, science teacher is a catfish pedo, Florida man pretends to be Jason Aldean and sword ratchetness.

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  1. AO

    Black Twitter Forecast was the best thing I’ve heard all day, nay week — maybe in competition for the funniest thing all year! Genius! I’m glad Rod and Karen keep it so light and real. Thank you!

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