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1239: Selling Rocks


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Rod and Karen are joined by comedian Janelle James to discuss how her stand up career is going, 9 year old girls warned about fertility, husbands in business class while wife flies economy, Ray J may sue Kanye, Nick Carter settles out of court for assault, Alton Sterling, Religious people watch porn, man punches bear, sister sugar babies, cheerleader charged with accessory to murder an sword ratchetness.

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  1. Chala Yancy

    Economy Class Wives? DA FUCK?!?! I can only assume I looked like a crazy person alternating from gut laughing and saying, “Oh HELL no, Fuck that, and No he didn’t!” out loud on the streets of NYC. Look, how can a husband relegate his wife to economy while he’s in business/first class and still expect some pussy at home? There’s just No. Fucking. Way.

    Love you Rod, Karen, and Janelle!!!!! Great show, had me so worked up I skipped the greeting. Also, thanks for the 4th of July show–love how y’all are always on the grind for us, much appreciated!


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