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1241: The Presidential Clippers


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Rod and Karen are joined by Rae and Alex of the Loudmouth Comedy Show to discuss black protests in the wake of the Dallas killings, Deray is arrested along with 100 other protestors, social media shade in the black liberation movement, white celebs speaking on black lives matter, Serena Williams, how gender plays a role in rallying for black deaths, the acquiescence to the white gaze in public spaces, drunk man steals mannequin to sleep with, woman goes off on her man for taking a bit of pizza and sword ratchetness.

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  1. AJtheEngineer

    Rae is easily one of my favorite people and I’m always happy to hear that she’s doing well, for the past few months I’ve been hoping her and Alex would make an appearance on the show and damn was it good. I know it’s such a small thing, and most white folks won’t understand, but knowing the White House bathroom has a drawer containing a wave cap and bonnet has been one of the greatest things about the Obama presidency. That segment of the show was hilarious.

    On the more serious shit, I’ve made it a point to not start any post on my facebook saying how the officers in Dallas shouldn’t have been killed. Anybody who follows me and knows how I feel about BLM and police brutality should already know I hate that those attacks happened. Fuck anybody still thinking that being against police brutality means you hate police. You mentioned it on a show later in the week but any person saying “All lives Matter” or “We just need love” are actively avoiding the true meaning of BLM and choosing to stay ignorant. I ain’t got time for that. The past 2 weeks I’ve watched my black friends trying to have civil conversations about BLM and their take on police brutality. I then see their white friends bust up with the “black on black crime” and trying to tell black people how they should be responding in these police interactions. I know I’m mixing shows but I’m very happy you made that post saying black people don’t have to educate the ignorant and to take some time for ourselves.

    Lastly, yall see how quiet the NRA has been about this Philando murder? Interesting how the man has all the required permits necessary to carry a weapon and still ends up dead yet there’s been nothing to discuss. Fuck them forever.

    Yall and the chatroom have a great weekend.

  2. EvieE

    I love Serena. That is all.

  3. kristig

    This is like the tiniest of points on this episode (and the episode was great), but when Rod said something about how women just need to decide what they want to eat … this is something I want to clear up for people that think this. You know why many women “don’t know where to eat”? Oh, they know exactly what they want to eat. But if a woman tries to give a man an opinion, they are so often told their opinion is wrong, that it becomes not worth it to have an opinion anymore. If I have an opinion on what I want to eat and I let it be known, nothing but me not getting the food I just said I wanted can come from it. It might be “are you sure you don’t want pizza?” when I just said I wanted thai food. It might be “Oh, but I wanted Chipotle, so let’s just go there … ” Or maybe it will be a debate for an hour until I’m so hungry we just have to eat whatever’s in the fridge. Nope, not worth it.

  4. uaintgottheansa

    One of the things I love the most about this show is how you all can respectfully disagree with the guests & still be funny. I totally agree that what Trevor Noah said was done to COVER ALL BASES. Of course we don’t want to HAVE to give a disclaimer about cops not being all bad and that we do not support the killing of the officers in Dallas but the reality is that it MUST be done so there is no confusion about our message. Sadly, in our society, we have to remind people of that. Like you said Rod, its expedience. Sure, it’s an inconvenience, but I understand being careful about framing your point. Words mean things.

    Yall are awesome. I really want to thank you guys for supporting the cause, talking about it and making sure to have responsible conversations. That is vital in this movement. Those of us on the front lines and those of us trying to make a change need more podcasters like you guys. We need, appreciate and love you guys for tackling tough conversations through a BLACK LENS. Thank you!

    • AO

      Agree with uaintgottheansa! Well said.

  5. FloGrl

    Loved this episode! Rae and Alex (thoroughly enjoyed him) were great guests. Please have them back again sometime. Stay woke and stay funny 🙂

  6. black octagons

    listening to this episode was like listening to a supergroup. Could yall put out an album?

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