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1262: Right Fragility


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Rod and Karen are joined by Amber P of the Black Chick Watching Podcast to discuss getting Amber to Dragoncon, backlash from Left Handers Day, Chris Brown wins in court, The Weeknd donates to Black Lives Matter, Nate Parker’s past resurfaces, Azealia Banks still problematic, Chloe Grace Moretz hypocrisy, torrential rains in Louisiana, white people news, man posts abuse on Snap Chat, murder for hire plot gone wrong, woman dies looking for the Goatman and sword ratchetness.

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  1. reallydarkknight

    I live in a household where I have two lefties and two righties. I’ve watched some of the issues that my youngest daughter and wife have had being left handed. I’ve also told my oldest daughter to keep watch on their sinister asses.

  2. EvieE

    I think Nate Parker probably raped that woman. The harassment after the fact just seemed damning. I was really looking forward to seeing Birth of a Nation. I still might because I want to support a black film and the subject matter is very important but I don’t think I have it in me to support any of his future projects. I’ll probably never be able to watch Beyond the Lights again and I loved that movie.

  3. ProfKori

    Thank you for this thoughtful conversation about rape and the ease with which our society dismisses the damage to victims’ lives.

    Speaking for myself, the Nate Parker stuff is truly disappointing. And what hurts the most is the truth that seems to hover below the surface of everything all 3 of you said, that our society is set up so that part of what bolsters male success is the ability to disregard women’s lives and well-being. In short, that disregard is the foundation for a lot of male achievement. When I think about how many women have had to try to create professional success while trying to deal with the fall-out of sexual harassment and sexual assault, it’s infuriating. How much female genius has been squelched by this violence from both men and the society that prioritizes them, even in their wrong-ness? Ugh!

    Black feminist scholar Brittney Cooper puts it this way, and it’s so accurate that it hurts: “Just like the police keep on killing, we keep on finding out about these brothers doing this raping. But one got us in the streets, and the other got us…”

  4. Forest

    It’s cool that The Weeknd gave that money, but I still don’t see it for him after his pineapple-headed, beige ass tried to question Donald Glover’s blackness.

  5. HouseKat

    ♫ Canuck, are you okay?
    So, Canuck are you okay?
    Are you okay, Canuck?
    You’ve been hit by
    You’ve been hit by
    A smooth criminal ♫

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