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1263: DJ Whoo Kid Is This?


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Rod and Karen discuss a sexual assault controversy at the UCB East, The Nightly Show canceled, Cam Newton on racism, DJ Whoo Kid arrested, Volkswagen hacked, sex toys hacked, Keshia Knight-Puliam divorce drama, white people news, man steals beer, woman accused of murdering husbands, Ohio couple kill some people and sword ratchetness. Plus a Lootcrate give-a-way!

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  1. Mack

    Excellent use of the “Oooooh” sounder! I think you could give Flex a lesson because his punch lines didn’t have near as much impact to deserve the sounder.

  2. Ruela/MsMota (@NaturallyRue)

    yall see this?

    this is something they “experienced” and want to move on????? SEERIOUSLY?????

  3. FloGrl

    I did not know that The Nightly Show was being canceled. I love that show. I just can’t believe there wasn’t more that could’ve been done to save the show. I think you’re right, that he may have been a little too real for the white folks comfort. I hope someone else picks him up, too informative to let go.

    I watch W. Kamau Bell on United Shades of America (when it comes on) and he does play it a little safe. Does his wife being white have anything to do with it? I don’t know. I always wondered how that works when a black person has a non-black spouse but still proclaims to be pro black. Real question, I truly don’t understand. Can yall enlighten me?

    I also didn’t know that Cam back peddled like that. I too am disappointed. Although I’m an always and forever Bucs fan, he’s one of my favorite players. Who got to him and scared him into submission? He seemed like he was woke but maybe he was just sleep walking. Somebody wake him all the way up!

    Yall dropped all the news today and I literally laughed out loud every single time Rod went Oooo oooo, too funny! Karen I need you to do your part on the Guess the Race song. I sing along until that part comes up because I wanna hear you. Please and thank you.

    I appreciate yall so much and I soon as I got it like that I’ll slide yall a couple dollars. Ok that’s enough, I’ve said too much.

    • EvieE

      This is a response to FloGrl’s question about being pro black with a non black spouse. Not sure if there’s actually a concrete answer to the question depending on what your definition of pro-black is. If it simply means loving your blackness and loving your people then absolutely. Loving your blackness does not hinder you from falling in love with someone from another race. Speaking from personal experience it’s possible. It helps to have a partner who understands and empathizes with daily struggles of being black and recognizing their privilege.

      • FloGrl

        Thank you very much for your thoughtful response. I’m trying to learn 🙂

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