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1274: Neil on Neal Violence


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Rod and Karen discuss more Kaepernick fall out, Chris Brown has a stand off with police, no skirts in India, Malachi Love-Robinson arrested again, Niel deGrasse Tyson, Amazon 30 hour work week, some women don’t get pleasure during sex, university sues student news paper, pastor for Trump wants black to get jobs in Africa, woman fired for dreadlocs, dad given note a Cracker Barrel, white people news, man shoots UPS driver with crossbow, man face times sex hook up and sword ratchetness.

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  1. ProfKori

    Oh, the puns! Always hittin’!

  2. Ms. Smart

    Sooooo, this whole thing about certain Blacks being insulated from racism…Several generations of Blacks (older than us), truly believe, and have taught their offspring, that getting an education, living around white folks, showing deference to whites, talking crap about other blacks, and even marrying white partners, etc., insulates them from racism.

    “You go out there and be respectable so those good white folks will treat you well boy!”

    Eventually, they realize the foundation of their whole belief system about race and respectability is wrong. Instead of unpacking the resulting cognitive dissonance that comes with that realization, it’s easier to be ‘all lives matter’ because in their minds, if they align themselves with BLM, it may remind whites (and themselves), that they are still Black. Their mental survival rests heavily on these mental gymnastics.

    Also, that song by K-Von sounds like a track that didn’t make Chance’s latest album. It’s something I’d bump while I put my makeup on.

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