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1278: Throwing Grits

Angry Woman Stirring --- Image by © Corbis

Rod and Karen are joined by Andy, Tim and Randolph of the Three Guys On Podcast to discuss recording stand up albums, Obama defends Kaepernick, Leslie Jones back on Twitter, Universal Studios sued by woman with no arms, Katt Williams, Diddy on politics, Zimmerman, Dolezal, Spring Valley cop, white people news, Newtown school threat, blogger suing police chief and sword ratchetness.

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  1. missdani10

    Great podcast! Love 3GO! #TimMillerLives

  2. Jasmine

    Rod, I thought you were better than this. I believed in you, we all believed in you! And to do this, to put salt in your grits, how could you betray us like this? What’s next, you’re gonna put cheese in it too?! FOR SHAME!!! I will await your written apology for insulting my tastebuds and my intelligence, sir!

  3. ProfKori

    “I’m pregnant, Serena.”
    “It’s yours, Oprah!!”

    • ProfKori

      Rod, you read my mind when you said he was going “full Nate Parker” when we suddenly heard the daughter. Perfection!

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