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1282: Touching Little Children


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Rod and Karen discuss 9/11, a horrible 9/11 ad, some hip hop news, Millennials getting the shaft, student killed a J’Ouvert event, Malachi Love-Robinson arrested again, Sexual Assault Survivor’s bill passed, Shaun King kicked off FB for a day, Jason Whitlock, Air China mag, don’t call them black films, NYPD doesn’t have to release disciplinary actions, NYPD cops place bets on violence, kids walk out of school over BLM shirt, white people news, jewel thief, disable man disappears after finding caregiver on Craigslist, women fight at a funeral, FB feud leads to stabbing and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Jackie H.

    Hey ya’ll I was ctfu when you played that recording, hey girl let me call you back..I’m sucking dick right now lol. I’m gonna have to sell some mouf and some cheeks to pay off my student loans eventually. With the added on interest and compound interest I’ll never pay it off smh. So this is what Imma have to tell some of my homegirls.

  2. Anne

    Rod, the word J’Ouvert is pronounced JOU-VEY. Its a French word for the first night of the three day Carnival celebration that they have in the Caribbean.

  3. bamil73

    If “All Lives Matter” was a movie genre like Impossible White Man, Jason Whitlock would be a master screenplay writer. He hit all the tropes
    1) What about the kids in Chicago?!?! (also known as “What about Black on Black Crime?!?!”)
    2) You have to try hard to get shot by police. (also known as “Blue Lives Matter”)
    3) He’s starting a fad not a movement. (also known as “That’s not how MLK would have done it” also known as “MLK! I choose you!”)

    Somebody needs to send that video clip to Willie D so he can add a new verse about Jason Whitlock.

  4. ProfKori

    When you paused after saying the Kardashians were the “First family of…,” I was here helping you by saying “First Family of Foolishness.”

  5. ProfKori

    Wow! I was never particularly impressed with Jason Whitlock and had heard you say he was triflin’, but I guess I had never heard him acting a fool. That clip seriously got my pressure up. Infuriating. Talk about throwing us under the bus. Thank you for playing “Where they at?” right after. That got me to laugh and let go of some of that stress.

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