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1298: Finger Bangin’ Good


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Rod and Karen discuss a seeing eye dog, another trip to Publix, KFC needs a new slogan, free flu shot, Kim K robbed at gun point, Chipotle worker win sexual harassment suit, man got life for jerking it, Dollar General loses lawsuit, an argument for why men must be excluded from feminism, more clown crime, white people news, man stabs grandson over steak, kid gets arrested over 65 cents milk and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Amani

    This Kim Kardashian thing just underscores to me how so many people only see you as a “brand” the more famous you get and not an actual human being. I mean hell look at the shit people have said about you two the more successful the show has gotten. Rod’s still getting fallout from that tweet a fucking month and a half later. And it’s even worse for the Kardashians because their lives ARE their brands and they’ve accepted a proximity to blackness that still pisses off a lot of people. But it’s still wild to me a woman was gagged, bound, and held at gunpoint by multiple men and people are just shrugging it off and joking about it.

    And on a lighter note, I’m just glad the rest of the news media is finally catching up with TBGWT the international leader on clown news! Y’all have been on this story from jump following the trail of these red nosed menaces. Where’s Terry McGinnis when you need him?

  2. EvieE

    There has been a clown sighting in my area. That same night I went on Amazon and bought some bear mace. I wish a clown would run up on me because I will blind their ass.

  3. Anonymous

    This world is so fucked up – thanks for making it funny! Also thanks for your discussion on feminism – it’s so inspiring to hear a man talk sense.

  4. Marty J

    Karennnnnnnn!!!!!!!! You on fyre . Rod why ya’ll got me this parking lot screaming? Replaying the Chipotle and Unstoppable masterbater segment just for the puns.

  5. Jackie H.

    Rod and Karen, I just want to let y’all know that this podcast has saved my life. This whole episode had me laughing out loud. Then when you guys were talking about the masturbator I couldn’t stop cracking up on the train ride home. This episode highlighted what I’ve known for several years now, companies don’t give a fuck about you and you could die and they would just have somebody sweep your ass up and keep on going. I’m happy they sued Chipotle and that other company…that’s what they get. As far as men being apart of feminism I think they should and then again I don’t feel like they need to be apart of it. It would be too much mansplaining and women not being able to be truly open about how they feel but then again they do need to learn, I’m just not convinced that they would learn and just be total assholes in the classrooms.

  6. bamil73

    I’ve come to the horrible realisation that my favourite podcasters are clownist. That’s right, you motherfuckers are racist against clowns. Don’t you see that you feed into the clownist narrative of clown panic with your silly clown horn jokes? Whenever you express disgust at the notion of breakaway stools and 50 clowns in a Volkswagen, you bolster the non-clown supremacy that this country was built on. I bet you think it’s funny to wear clown makeup on Halloween. Clown-Face is never acceptable! Unless you’re a clown of course.

    Despite the media narrative, clowns lurk creepily around elementary and middle schools in the same proportions as non-clowns. Also, don’t you dare ask about the clowns in Chicago.

    Why do I care you ask? Is it because I too am a clown. No, clowns are creepy as fuck and I’d probably never let one marry either of my daughters but that’s not the point. No, I am a clown ally and I do what allies do. Say the right shit in defence of a group but not really give a fuck about that group.

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