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1310: Suburban Dictionary

DEARBORN, Mich., March 12, 2012 - Beginning March 7, more than 44,000 fans of Flex on Facebook will have a chance to submit their own entries into the Suburban Dictionary and interact with other Flex owners and enthusiasts on the Flex Facebook page. (low resolution image) (03/12/12)

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Rod and Karen are joined by Nic and Reggie of the What’s The Tea Podcast to discuss white people news, a Craigslist hair stylist, a pastor charged with fraud and sword ratchetness.

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  1. BigDaddyD8

    Yes yes yes… I loved this episode of all white people news. My black co-workers and I love your podcast and we play Guess the race around the office every time some stupid or crazy shit happens. We are currently in Virginia but are from all over from Cali to New York and we all have similar experiences when it comes to white folks and the privilege white skin affords them. I personally love laughing at people in general but especially love laughing at white folks and all their obviousness to real world problems. Thank you both and keep doing what you do

  2. hirojashibe

    I do not know who is doing your Cover Art for the individual Podcasts EP but this one right here had me tripping. I check my Podcast Feed and I see this Very Bright, Very Clear, Very Corporate Looking Photo and I am Like..

    Did I Subscribe to a New Podcast Show ..???
    I know I have been loading up on Technology Shows Lately…. Did I do this..?
    Did the App Do this…? Did I Get Some kind of Suggested Show Auto Download in my Feed ???
    Do I HAVE to Switch APPS ..?
    Wait What If It’s a Hack??? I Read Somewhere That JPEGS on IPhones can be used to send Malware …
    Let Me Put My Glasses on and Figure this Out..

    Whew… It’s Just TBGWT’s Podcast It’s All Good.. Didnt Get Got Here. What a relife I thought I almost Got GOT.
    Have A Great SAT.

  3. Amani

    YES!!! This white news show was so cleansing and relaxing and Nicju and Reggie just the icing on the cake. This episode just felt like First Fridays or getting to sneak away with the crew in the break room. Great week back though, and now y’all understand how rich people don’t stay up to date with social media. Just tweet a photo of them on a cruise and then disappear without seeing the latest child support fuckery on the TL.

    And Rod was dead on with his hunch about Billy Bush. Apparently John Oliver did a compilation of him being inappropriate on-air and it’s no wonder he gets along with Trump so well (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dnsgqU80eIw).

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