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1313: Erasing Amy


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Rod and Karen discuss hanging with Leila, coffee shop charges by the minute, women wage gap news, Mary J Blige drama, Nicki Minaj, city clerk doesn’t want college early voting, male birth control, Twitter harassment coming back to haunt them, church guidelines on weight, Christina Milian, Nong Nat finds a man, Amy Schumer, woman rams police car taking topless selfie, man tricks women into porn videos and sword ratchetness.

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  1. silverback

    Amy Shumer is like many other entertainers who can’t keep race out of their bigoted mouths. Shes a racist for profit. Getting money, support, and fame from shitting on other cultures,races,ect while at the same time claiming to not be racist and working under the title of satire. The sad thing is making a living off of spreading racism is arguably the highest degree of racism one can display. Been thinking of this as a comedic premise for a while but thats a whole nother thought….Thank you Rod and Karen for reading my comment and providing a safe place /refuel station for my blackness and shelter from sa-tan.

  2. Shan

    It would have been different (maybe) if it came out right after the song did. Also, if it had not been presented like a “tribute/official video” but just fellow cast members on a movie shoot dancing along to the song because they enjoy it. That is not how it comes off. It comes off confusing. I cannot be offended by this because I don’t understand the video. Nor do I want to. On the scale of the things Amy has done and said this might not be the highest on the Richter scale.

  3. tanquray

    Beyonce could have said no to Amy. She doesn’t need Amy. The situation is silly to me.

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