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1315: Lil Wayne’s Life Matters


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Rod and Karen discuss assisted suicide is legal in DC, Halloween parties getting shot up, Chris Rock on producing comedy, NH police job harassment, Ludacris, Uber driver accused of rape, Jazmine Sullivan, pilot jerks it at 38k, France has new law about employee work hours, Clarence Thomas accused of groping woman, Lil Wayne on Nightline, Obama noose costume, racist school graffiti, woman frames BLM, white people news, loud sex, drug dealing rapper, woman poisons co-workers and sword ratchetness.

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  1. reallydarkknight

    I’ll keep this short and sweet: Fuck Lil Wayne and his bullshit.

  2. Monica

    Man, this episode’s White People News was so white. The Starbucks cup controversy…again? I think we need to follow Rod’s advice from last week and gift some real problems to white people. How is trying to promote unity oppressively political and part of an agenda? Oh no, Starbucks wants to help solve the divisiveness of the moment, help! (I mean, no they don’t, they want money but still, nice try.) I think decency makes those stupid protesters itchy.
    Meanwhile the drawing on the green cup is really cool, especially if it’s all drawn in one line.

    On another note, Rod will you ever bring back your old school Bevel rap? Maybe for the holidays? This is a formal request.


  3. mayabee

    I watched that video of Wayne like twice this morning and I still don’t understand how he could actually say that shit. The way that interviewer was looking was the look of silent rage and Ii was mad with her. All that lean really fucked up his mind.

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