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1330: A Seat At The Thanksgiving Table Charlie Brown


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Rod and Karen discuss Thanksgiving and then recap the Walking Dead.

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  1. Amani

    I might have to watch it again, but the fact the saviors could get that whole trap set up really pushes my snitch in hilltop agenda. They got into the gate, opened up the doors, set fires and rolled in a car that was already locked all without anybody hearing it from outside? How sway? Somebody opened up from inside. And dude who plays Gregory is acting his ass off.

    Hope y’all had a great thanksgiving. Eat good and get your nap on! I’m trying to use the Karen playbook and Rod out here being the cauliflower whisperer.

  2. Wonga_5

    When I was watching the episode & they got to that scene I was like, man, carl sucks at darts. Carlclops hasn’t learned to adjust yet? He probably would have shot Rick last week if he pulled the trigger based on his dart game.

  3. Coonfucious (@Blike_Dante)

    Hope you guys had a happy turkey day! (Gobble Gobble)

    Gregory is Shane but without a backbone. Although he is not wrong for looking after his own, he really doesn’t give a fuck about his own just himself. Also Rod and Karen I’d like your thoughts on how you think Shane would have handled all of this since it seems most ppl on the TL seem SOOOO sure the group wouldn’t even be in this situation if he was in charge vs Rick *rolls my eyes*

  4. afropatterson

    Gregory is a drunk, which is part of the reason he has trouble remembering names, even of his own people. He had a drink right before Maggie and Sasha came into the room he he made gross comments. The evidence is how sad he was to part with that case of Scotch.

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