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1351: Negrosexual

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Rod and Karen discuss LGBTQ news, Troy Ave shot again, Christmas porn, Versace racial scandal, State Farm upsets racists, Denzel on colorism, Christmas party gets violent, Colts cheerleader forgives racist kid, A&E cancels KKK show, BAFTA, white people news, teacher gives kid extra credit, woman pimps out girl, black mailing revenge porn actress and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Cassie67Impala


  2. Mr_Nite

    I don’t always wear a Bow Tie, but when I do, I’m not doing a Hotep rant! LMAO. P.S. You have not played the Hotep song in a while. Much Luv to Karen and her husband.

  3. Cassie67Impala

    Hey Rod & Karen! Just wanted to chime in…You guys were talking about some of the issues transgender people face especially when it comes to health care. I work for a advocacy company and we get calls all of the time from transgender people having issues with their coverage. Something as simple as names on their ID cards and it isn’t as simple to fix. I just started noticing for the 2017 year, some plans are starting to cover surgery and medications. It’s like in someways this country is progressing and then others it’s a completely backwards. You guys also mentioned the high percentage of suicide calls for transgender people, we get those a lot to. I really wish there was better treatment for marginalized groups. Thanks for reading!

  4. Mark

    I cannot believe that State Farm post bothered people that much. Some of these people are purposefully being ridiculous, trying to get something started. The guy in that ad is the most “one of the good ones” men out here – if he worked in their office, or went to school with their son, they’d want to invite him to family dinners and brag about mentoring a fine Negro boy. “But them fragile white womenz is a whole ‘nother story though.” Keep it up, Rod and Karen!

  5. Rwh2016

    Hey Rod & Karen. Love Your Show!!! I love it so much “I dropped $15 on it” as a premium subscriber. I just found a whole new world (Nerd Off, Pregame, SMR). Your reviews of “Fences” & “Rogue One” were on point! Iv’e been listening to your podcast since you had that one comedian (I think his name is Mike???). Mike = he knows his black superheroes! I mean he broke the Marvel Falcon origin DOWN!! Maybe you guys can invite him on the nerd off podcast.

    Anyway, while I was listening to your “guess the race” section on the black mailing revenge porn actress Leslie Hippensteel, I came across her corny, racist rendition of “Grandma got run over by a reindeer” on youtube…. She calls it “Ashley Got Run Ova By A Gangsta”


    Maybe you can rate this to your “fucking wit black people” section.

    Also, much respect and peace to George Michael, Carrie Fisher & Ricky Harris(Snoop Doggy Dogg…You need to get a jobby-job!)

    Again, love your show. Keep doing what you do!

  6. Tiffe

    Come through with them BARS!!!!!!!!!! My West Coast heart is bursting right now. Rod and Karen y’all are true gems to Trump’s America. Love y’all so much!

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