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TTM 1: Last Christmas

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Rod and Bassey discuss NBC’s family drama, “This Is Us.”

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  1. FalconsDiva

    Thank you for recapping This Is Us. Low key I didn’t like it as much when I first started watching because everyone acted like it was the best show ever. Parenthood still holds the role of best family drama in my mind so when I first started watching, I would think ‘yeah it’s good but it ain’t no Parenthood.’ Also, it took me awhile to get over young light brown Randall and older dark brown Randall. Then I wondered why I didn’t cry. I cry watching the Publix holiday commercials but I didn’t cry watching this until Randall cried when he found out Rebecca knew. I realized that part of the reason I was so emotionally detached is I started out watching at work. I couldn’t let myself cry at work watching tv shows on my phone! It has now moved to my dvr list so I can watch at home with all my emotions.

    Listening to the recap revealed another reason I haven’t been able to get as attached. No one in my inner circle watches this show! Listening to you and Bassey discuss the show felt like we (including me) were passionately discussing the show like my friends and I do TGIT, Insecure and Queen Sugar. I love how the both of you pick up on stuff that I notice but can’t really share with anyone…

    I’m looking forward to our weekly This Too Much conversations. Trust me, this is one pod that I won’t listen to late.

    Thank you Rod and Bassey!!!!

  2. SymSymma

    I LOVE This Is Us and I am so happy about this recap show. I binge watched the show this weekend because I couldn’t take another person (including random customer service people from the cable company and doctor’s office) raving about it. But now that I am dehydrated from crying all weekend I understand. It is also great that Rod & Bassey love the show and hate all the same people. Miguel, Olivia, & the almost jumper definitely top my list. Sterling K. Brown deserves all the awards, but the main characters are all flawed and lovable. My too much moment was definitely Jack doing the extra push ups, but a close second was Jack sleeping on the floor outside their bedroom and them talking and making up. I am tearing up all over again. It really is too much.

    I feel like this new podcast is a reward for being a new premium subscriber even though it is freemium. Thank you!!

  3. EvieE

    Thank you such much for recapping this is us. This is probably in my top five shows that I love. In my opinion, Randall is the star of the show and I’m feeling some kind of way that sterling k brown didn’t get nominated for a golden globe for his performance but hopefully the emmys won’t make the sameness mistake. And I’m glad I’m not the only one who hates Miguel, because I’m honestly think he killed Jack.

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