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1357: The Semen Sprayer

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Rod and Karen discuss LGBTQ news, Meek Mill break up, BK switching chicken, food stamp users can shop online now, NC cracking down on food stamps, white people news, pastor robber, lemonade stand robbery, semen shooter, sword ratchetness and the Hawks’ GM messing up.

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  1. Leah Hawkins

    I have not been but I heard Shirley Ceaser ran a pretty alternative church, with most of her leaders and people in her circle being LGBTQ. Unless someone lied to me lol – either way both their comments were disgusting.

  2. mayabee

    When you’re LGBT and Christian, it’s like living in two different worlds that are just starkly different from each other. While my great aunt made it a personal choice to not encourage and/or force us to go to church, I was still surrounded by anti-LGBT rhetoric from Christians via my classmates. I remember I was outted as bi by a hateful ass white girl (I ID as a lesbian now) and one of the nicest girls in my grade told me that I couldn’t be bi because that mean I had one foot in hell and one foot in heaven. I cried that whole day at school and as a result, I went back into the closet for several years until I came out when I was about 18 or so. Mo’Nique of all people condemned Kim Burrell and reworked the whole situation by going what if Kim was talking to a teenager who was her child and this child is telling her how they feel, but the child is alienated and heartbroken because they heard someone who is supposed to love them say that they are disgusting and evil. Love shouldn’t be hide yourself from the world and keep that pain inside your heart for years and years, but according to this old evil cartoon villain disguising herself as a preacher, that’s apparently how love should be. This was long so I’ll end it with this: Fuck Kim Burrell and Shirley Caesar.

  3. BrittanyR

    Kim Burrell not even old enough to give an old pass to. If you do that sort of thing.

  4. C Chance

    Yo, when that nigger navy shit happened all I could think was Rod and Karen are gonna go in so hard on this shit! And y’all did not disappoint! My personal favorite was the Antwone Fisher spades shit. Any way random funny moment: while listening to this episode at work my Blu tooth headset disconnected right as you where playing the white people news song so my all of a sudden all my co-workers heard Iggy azalea playin on my phone for a brief moment. This was not only slightly embarrassing and awkward but also ironic because everyone correctly assumed that under absolutely no circumstances do I fuck with Iggy. Made for silly afternoon at work. Anyway. Happy new year guys. Goes without saying but I love the show. Anyway I gotta go charge my Blu tooth. Y’all be cool.

  5. Dunedragon

    Hi Karen and Rod! The Horacio phrase I had in mind for the sperm sprayer:
    “This is quickly beCUMing a sticky situation.”

  6. uaintgottheansa

    The Shirley & Kim comments weren’t surprising. I’ve always had an issue with places of worship preaching hate and have quietly walked out on a few services Ive been invited to. Sitting in whats suppose to be a place of God and hearing someone be so hateful is shocking but I was even more pissed at the fact that I was the only one walking out at times. I watched people just sit there & thought, “How can you sit here and listen to this bigoted bullshit?!” At the last church, the pastor called me out and asked why I was walking out & I yelled: “Because you’re preaching hate & I didn’t come for this.” That was the only time a few people left with me. Im not saying everyone needs to stage walk outs, but Im saying we cisgender individuals have to hold people accountable for the hate they spew. Just like we have zero tolerance for racism & xenophobia, I have zero tolerance for homophobia. I’m not here for it & I have no problem leaving and never returning.

  7. Nehemiah Myles

    Bruh! I’m a gay PK and on Christmas Day we went to my fellow church up the street… How did the pastor start on sweet baby Jesus and end on homosexuality?!?! Then, he only spoke on gay men!
    I just sat there staring at my father ,sitting behind him, waiting for a clap or show any sign of approval! The whole family had a uncomfortable ass moment!
    This shit is wild that you can have my father that accepts my life and still support a nigga who can stand and unknowingly shit on me to my face… The whole church clapped and amped his bull shit, fam…

    I’m sorry if the comment is too long or has poor grammar! I’m getting ready for work and listening to you guys on iTunes!

  8. Coonfucious (@Blike_Dante)

    I saw a LOT of black Christians going full “not all white people” about Kim and Shirley’s comments as well as playing the gotta hear both sides to LGBTQ peoples feelings on the matter. I saw black people trying to make the fetch equivalency of centuries of the church being oppressive and hateful historically to LGBT people and allies saying “aye dawg a lot of y’all are bigots and those of you that aren’t don’t speak up enough” as “bashing.” Completely dismissing people that look like them feelings because they feel their faith is being “attacked” rather than address the issues within. (Don’t that sound familiar hint hint)

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