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1376: Guisseppe What’s Good?

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Rod and Karen are joined by Justin to discuss LGBTQ news, Chris Brown vs Soulja Boy, Meek Mill, Nicki Minaj, Iyanla, Diddy, Ashish Thakkar divorce, Li Mo fired, Russia domestic violence law, Kirk Franklin update, racist graffiti punishment, Ohio pastor lied about Chicago gangs to Trump, White Supremacists infiltrate law enforcement, Mel Gibson new movie, white people news, That’s Ya’ll Man, Firefighter clown, swinging some pipe at adult video store, mayor police commissioner smiles, Burger King drug dealers, teacher gets kissy with kids and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Anthony Animal thug Tatum

    The preacher from Cleveland who talked with Trump looks just like Brian Pumper the realest rapper ever that made “Oh and it’s shaved”

  2. Forest

    Of all the numerous accounts of racism in the world right now that Nicki Minaj has been silent as a mouse about, does she really expect people to care about her individual issue? She acting real Kanye/Taylor Swift about this. I’m so over celebrities claiming racism or sexism when it only effects them.

  3. fyahworks

    Such a treat to have Justin do some community service for those who aren’t fortunate to go premium! If you haven’t gone premium you need to do it for BLACK HISTORY!!!!!!!! Great show as always!!

  4. Anonymous

    Definitely a treat to have Justin do some community service for the #tipnation y’all be missing this guy if you ain’t premium! Great show as always

  5. hirojashibe

    Interim Office Memo:

    Can someone please on Monday Morning do the Following and Reset the sign

    2017 : Days Without Clown News : 36


    2017: Days Without Clown News: 00

    We all at The Black Guy Who Tips Following need to make a consecrative effort to collect our clown friends, relatives, and workplace associates and let them know that aberrant Clown Behavior is not accepted by society.

    We really do not want a repeat of 2016.

    Thank You

    Have A Productive Day

    HiroJa Shibe

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