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1388: Labia Lipstick

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Rod and Karen discuss Millhouse resigns, Chris Brown hit with restraining order, Mike Epps, Burger King bought Popeye’s, Jay-Z starting venture capitalism firm, people want to shoot hibernating bears, women in movies, prom dress fiasco, Will Smith birth doctor, fat men last longer, labia lipstick, LGBTQ news, couple fined because of graffiti, Jamie Foxx, Sage Steele, That’s Ya’ll Man, White People News, sex toy assault, GoFundMe wedding, McNuggets proposal and sword ratchetness.

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  1. AJtheEngineer

    I promise y’all I had just gotten done with another “black folks need to do this” conversation with my friends before listening to this episode live. They didn’t see anything wrong with Oregano Steele’s comments and agreed that she said some things black folks “needed to hear”. They then told me that I can’t “gloss over” things and just blame white people. I told them to hold my drink.

    They gave me a bunch of reasons why stuff is wrong within the black community and it pretty much was a discussion of “black folks were mean to me and that needs to stop.” I told them that their experiences were valid, but at any moment in time white people were fucking things up way more. I also made the comment that white folk’s meanness can be dangerous and deadly. I honestly can’t stand the criticism of the black community from other black people when we have Trumps and Milos on tv.

    I really appreciate this podcast and the community around it because it reaffirms how many different types of black people are out there and how badass we all are.


    Peace y’all.

  2. reallydarkknight

    Hi Rod and Queen Karen! This nonsense with Sage Steele really has me fucked with. Doesn’t she have any girlfriends (Black ones) that can pull her to the side and tell her what’s up? She now reminds me of GOP Wack Chick. I think she feels like a hero to some folks (White ones) when she talks bad about Black people. I think that if she took a look around and see who’s dapping her up, it might give her pause. Then again, she might be cool with that.

    Also, it hurt me to my soul to look on Google and see that WNBA player who complained about lesbians in the WNBA was Black. Come on Sis! Nobody knows who the hell you are, and this is a way to get people to buy your book. I’m here to tell you, nobody’s gonna buy that shit! Girl bye.

  3. Mack

    Did you really say a 20 million go fund me for a wedding? Dr. Please!

  4. H.C.

    I was concerned that Milo and Karrueche stories colliding in the same episode would disrupt the space-time continuum, or at least result in a 4 hour long episode of you two calling them all of the names except their own.

  5. Jai Hawkins

    Only a white man would think of that bullshit!!! I swear they always try to come up with some shit to try and shame women about their bodies. I read about this story the other day on Facebook and I was like really??

  6. Noir Dynamite (@BlackDynamiteJC)

    Those Will Smith puns were good stuff. You damn near got all of the Will Smith hits. The Six Degrees of Separation pun was my favorite of the bunch. Had that doctor aborted Will Smith, there would have been a few MEN IN BLACK at Will’s funeral :-P.

    Keep the puns goin’!

  7. Nic Ju

    Hey boos! Another great show, you all are killing it as usual. Karen, when you told your period story I just wanted to drive to you and hug you for hours. My mom started hers when she was almost 19, I was 11. We hadn’t talked about it because she thought she had time. I thought I was dying, I was so traumatized. I hate the stigma society has on periods and the shame that surrounds it. My dad said “you know you can have a baby now” and that was the extent of my Birds and Bees talk. I’m also now team Period Party. It’s a thing that should be celebrated. So, Sage Steele…I’ve been hesitant to speak about her because I can only imagine as a woman in her field, with her visibility, she catches a lot of flack in general. She’s so wack though. I don’t think anyone deserves harassment, at all, ever. She just seems to want to validation for her whiteness and maybe a bit bitter that she doesn’t appear white enough so she has to tell everyone that she’s white/mixed. I’m always weary of biracial women who lead with “black girls don’t like me.” I’d venture to guess it’s probably not because you’re white, sis. Anyhoo, love you both down. Keep doing what you do.

  8. D Ramsey PhDone

    OMG! Labia Lipstick is a big NO for me. #WhiteMenAlwaysPokingAroundintheVajayJay

  9. QueBecky (@marchblossom)

    OK so I just listened to the segment where Karen said she changed her mind on a period party. I’m literally crying, your thoughts are so touching and inspirational Karen. Women really need knowledge and to know their body is fine. I come from a house where if I ever brought up that I was on my period near men in my family the reaction was disgust or “don’t talk about that” “yuck” or “I don’t need to know that” (even if it was relevant to the conversion ie, why won’t you go swimming) it takes some time to unlearn that shame that men in my life taught me and so many other women. I love you Karen! I’m so happy you changed your mind.

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