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1395: Woke With Jokes

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Rod and Karen discuss listener feedback.

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  1. btouch

    Hi Rod & Karen!

    First, I did want to thank you both so much for the calendar. I did receive it, but I haven’t had a chance to put it up yet; I’ll take care of that very soon.

    Second, about “Moonlight” vs. “Brokeback Mountain”: “Moonlight” is the better overall film, “Brokeback” is a more conventionally formatted film with a lot of very nice location cinematography of mountains and sheep. The storytelling left me a bit cold, and “Moonlight” does a much better job of making me care about the leads. Other than being about gay men, the two movies are extremely different, and anyone who calls “Moonlight” “the Black ‘Brokeback Mountain'” gets the People’s Eyebrow from me. It’d be like saying “When Harry Met Sally” is the same movie as “The Notebook.”

    “Brokeback Mountain” lost the 2006 Oscar for Best Picture to “Crash,” the movie about race and intersecting stories that people found very polarizing. Ang Lee did win Best Director for “Brokeback,” however.

  2. Anne

    I’m also posting feedback to the feedback show. My original comment about the Trump advisor being racist and the HBCU’s meeting with Trump was not meant as a dig against the HBCU’s. I was directing the last part of my comment at the Trump administration. They, the Trump people, think they are being smart (playing multi-dimensional chess) by “playing nice” with certain minority groups in front of the media. Meanwhile, the general public can figure out that they deep down inside they are white supremacists by simply researching the history of any cabinet member/advisor. My point was that they are trying hard to cover their hatred yet failing.

  3. desiree

    Oh Rod, you thought my vote for syrup on grits while saying you might want to discount my vote was peak whiteness? Well I can one up you, I’m now giving feedback about a feedback show! Sorry y’all, the whiteness just permeates, it’s like sweat, I don’t want it to come out, but it does and I’m like, well, fuck it, it’s here,everyone can see it, might as well claim it! Holy shit y’all, I’m in my garage (smoking) right now, and I just heard tires screeching and what sounded like 3 shots, and now sirens(for real, not a joke). It’s just great to live in a small Texas town with a bunch of white ppl who never cause any trouble. Damn I fucking hate this town. Anyway… i wanted to speak on y’alls conversation about HBCU’s. Obviously, I can’t relate too much, but your conversation (particularly Karen’s comments) made me think about my 7th grade reading class. By very rare chance, our class (for the first semester) was all female (female teacher as well). It was fucking awesome! Imagine over 20 girls in the (possibly) harshest and most confusing time in their lives being able to talk openly about all the white boy centered books we were required to read. Our conversations were so free, so full of input from everyone, from the “cool” girls to the quiet nerds like me, without boys judging us (or the worry of boys judging us) we felt we could state our real opinions and thoughts on any subject, as conversations about a certain book often veered into larger conversations. That one semester made me genuinely want to send my daughter to an all girls school (of course that’s not an option in my particular tax bracket), and yet I’d never send my sons to an all boys school. It’s the closest parallel I can personally relate to: boys stifle the opinions of girls, while girls help boys understand something outside themselves; white ppl stifle the opinions of black ppl, while black ppl help white ppl understand something outside themselves. We all need a safe space sometimes, the problem isn’t within that space, the problem lies within the ppl who get to count everywhere as their safe space, and shit on the rest of us who don’t see what’s so great about their fucking space.

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