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1402: Save Your Emails

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Rod and Karen discuss LGBTQ news, Michelle Obama, naked chicken Chalupa gone, lobster abuse, Doe B, mom is assume to be nanny, Nicki Minaj mad at PND, Cosmo most attractive woman list, store owner chokes black woman, couple fake murder for money, woman forces boyfriend to drink bleach, man throws dog in trash compactor and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Janica

    The dog story you read happened at the apartment complex I used to live at! Wtf happened to that place, smdh.

  2. Memyselfnlife

    Rod, like you I viewed the video of the man getting his interview derailed by his family without any sort of input. I watched the video without sound at first and instantly assumed that the woman was the children’s mother, but later confirmed it when I rewatched it with the sound on and heard the little girl say “mom why?” in Korean. After all the discussion it caused I wondered if my view of things were so different from everyone else’s because I currently live in Korea and see white and Asian interracial relationships all the time. It never even crossed my mind that she was the nanny and it really bothered me that people assumed that.

    Also, the video with the Korean clerk putting that woman in a choke hold really was triggering for me. Like I said, I live in Korea and anti-blackness is real here too. I often go into stores and will be followed around by clerks for no other reason than my skin color. These same clerks will ignore my white and Korean friends but will hover over me the entire time to where sometimes I just get fed up and decide not to buy anything. Another thing that really got to me about this situation was the way some black men were reacting to it. A lot of them were saying that if she had stolen from the owner then they had no sympathy for her and that she was in “no real danger of being strangled to death.” They chastised black women for buying weaves and nails and eyelashes and giving into “the white man’s” beauty standards, just basically derailing the conversation. It’s just so disheartening to see black men defend this when even the owner himself said he was wrong for what he did. These same men were up in arms with the way Eric Garner was treated but can’t see how this situation is just as wrong. It just blows my mind.

    Anyway, sorry for such a long post! Thanks for all that you two do! I listen to the show daily and it’s a great way for me to keep updated on what’s going on back home. (P.S. Karen you are my absolute favorite!)

  3. EvieE

    I was surprised people were debating on whether the woman in the video was the nanny or the wife. I was too busy laughing at how bold that little girl was when she busted in the room twerking. Strange, I guess I’m just oblivious to stuff.

    As far as that Korean shop owner, shopping in korean hair shops was one of the many reasons I went natural. I work to hard for my money to spend it in a place where I get treated like dirt. I hope they have to close shop, but what will probably happen is that they’ll close that shop and open it elsewhere under another name and hope people don’t remember. I hope the locals stay diligent in getting these racist story owners out of the mix because they do not need to be serving the community. They could have killed her. I felt equally fucked with that he wasn’t charged for a crime. He assaulted that and it turns out she didn’t steal anything. Fuck them. Support black owned hair businesses.

  4. brooklynshoebabe

    I really appreciate your discussions. I am a 44 year old woman and growing up we just didn’t discuss gays, lesbians or transgendered people. Hell, I don’t think I really heard proper terminology until I was in my late teens. Like you said Rod, trans people always existed but people called them different things like “he-she” or “lady-boy.” It wasn’t until I got to college that my eyes really got open. I went to NYU, which is a liberal university in the gay center of New York. Plus, I took a couple of sexuality and gender courses in college in the very early 1990s. Over the years, I’ve learned from reading books, watching documentaries, and just asking questions. I want to learn and know, because I don’t want to offend anyone out of accidental ignorance. The world is changing and I want to be equipped.

  5. Cchanch

    “I should not have to explain my humanity.” Karen, that was the truest, most deep, coldest shit I’ve heard in forever! I’ve been listening and trying to think of a comment that would illicit your good deep fried southern country ass laugh or at least get the CSI sound and I’m hoping for it. But no jokes, no puns..That quote alone….GOD DAMN…Y’all keep doin your thing. Rod, I want in on the Facebook group! All bullshit aside, you guys get me through my work day. Im tired of explaining to my co-workers who voted for 45 why I deleted them and otherwise don’t fuck with them anymore. And judging from the feed back show it’s obvious I’m not alone. It does my heart good to hear how you 2 have touched people’s lives all over the globe… AND y’all from NC!

  6. ari (@rivahcitygurl)

    Yaaaaasssss, Karen! I am so here for your beauty supply store rant/read! The story in Charlotte is absolutely ridiculous and completely unnecessary. He had no right to jump on that woman like that and now that he’s been caught, he wants to act remorseful and apologetic. Everything you described is exactly what I have experienced, from taller cash registers to mirrors everywhere to being monitored by the employees even though I have shopped there for years. Tackling someone over some eyelashes is wild as fuck. I hope his business suffers and they have to close that MF down. In the words of Karen, “Fuck you!”

  7. bamil73

    Seems pretty simple to me. When I first saw Chimamanda’s comments I thought they sounded reasonable until I saw what the trans women I follow on twitter were saying. These are the people who live that life, and if they say the comments are unreasonable and hurtful, it’s a wrap. The comments are unreasonable and hurtful. No debate necessary, especially for people of colour who have to deal with others invalidating our concerns about racist shit daily.

    Upon further reflection of the comments I realised I should have seen them for the bullshit that they are. I had a homie in high school who was very effeminate (please note that I’m not implying that this is the same as being trans). This was back in Jamaica which, as we all know, is extremely homophobic. Any male privilege he enjoyed was undercut by how he was treated by the other boys. This notion that you can use the Wachowski’s and Caitlyn Jenner as representative of the typical trans experience is like saying Jaden and Willow Smith have the typical black experience. Yeah it’s a black experience, but not a typical one.

    I love her, but she fucked up. She has this blind spot and she showed it and I would hope she recognises it and comes around. Sadly, trans people simply can’t afford to wait around and hope people evolve someday. Everyday there seems to be a news story about a trans woman being murdered then mis-gendered in death. It may be academic for me, but it is life and death for them.

    Chimamanda definitely gets an “it’s not me, it’s you” for this week.

    Keep doing your thing.

  8. Coonfucious (@Blike_Dante)

    If I may share a story I’ll try to make it quick. A couple of years ago I followed a cishet black woman who was a feminist. She was having a conversation with a white transwoman. It was a conversation about womanhood in which the ciswoman said she’s an ally and supports transwomen but that transwomen aren’t fully women because they can’t do some things that ciswomen can like give birth or have periods. Mind you not all cisgender women can do these things either. She basically said that a transwoman is 3/5 of a full woman and if that wasn’t bad enough she told the transwoman that she had no right to be offended at her not respecting her as a full woman. Mind you you JUST said another woman’s humanity is invalid but the transwoman had no right to be offended? Dafuq? Even before I became aware and knowledgeable as I am now I was just thinking in my mind “damn that is fucked Up” and the transwoman was heartbroken because this was coming from someone she thought was for her humanity.

    That’s how I see a lot of cis “allies” feel via their language and attitudes whenever transgender issues are brought up.

  9. Noir Dynamite (@BlackDynamiteJC)

    Dear Karen and Rod,
    People emailing y’all about stuff y’all said not to email y’all about is annoying af. That’s some childish behavior right there. You two work too hard for people to ignore your simple requests just because they gotta get their comments in. Ugh. It’s not even like you two talked about something difficult to understand when discussing Chimamanda. The overarching point: Let trans women tell their own stories. What’s there to discuss? These types… the types of individuals who have to get his/her opinion out there regardless of how it’ll be received are some of the WORST people online and real life. I’m going on and on about this but it irks me so much! Y’all shouldn’t have to sift through this shit when you’re constantly providing us with a safe place to frequent and high quality content to get through these trying times.

    To revisit a quote y’all have mentioned: “Silence is free.” Some of those people who wrote in need to take advantage of the free cost of silence.

    Thank y’all for being y’all. Love y’all.
    -Jaris aka D.N.I.B. (Dat Nigga in Beijing)

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