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1427: Living Under Terror

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Rod and Karen discuss violence against women, man arrested for disturbing the police, booty gun, caretaker lap dance on old man and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Cassie67Impala

    I have to first and foremost thank you both for speaking about domestic violence. My mother is a victim from her first husband (before I was born) and also in college, my aunt’s boyfriend was abusive, and when my mother stepped in to put an end to it, she ended up in the hospital. I see how it has really had an impact on her relationships with men. She definitely struggles with her man now. I think it’s so important to talk about how it really is an epidemic in this country and really all over the world.

    On a lighter note… I loved when you two talked about your experience at the restaurant. I use to work a whole foods and everything you named on the menu at the restaurant was/is sold at whole foods. When I worked there I tried all kinds of foods I never heard off…. mostly good, but the worst was chard. CHARD IS NASTY! and no salt pepper or seasoning at the table? Oh lord, guess the race on who made your food?

    I appreciate the polarity of the episode and ending on a good note. Peace & love.

  2. B

    Thank you for speaking on violence against women. I can’t say much more on that right now but please know your visible, vocal support is appreciated. Now…about this restaurant review…I was so tickled by the interpretation of the menu that I had to look this place up and add it to my list of places to check out when I’m in town. I have a touch of the fancy, but I also pre-Google. Watching the Chef series on Netflix has flipped my foodie switch. Great episode, fed my soul multiple ways!
    PS: Watching the horses run Chincoteague is on my VA bucket list.

  3. D Ramsey PhDone

    Rod and Karen….timely podcast! Good to know that at the end of the day, we have you two to keep us woke and informed. ***** Stars!

  4. Tonya3000

    This will definitely go down as classic Rod and Karen. I love this episode! So thoughtful, thorough, and honest. And then some belly laughs at the end. Keep it up, Rod and Karen! Y’all are doing it right!

  5. brooklynshoebabe

    I was listening to your podcast on the way to work, and when you mentioned that you are constantly living under the threat of terror a shiver went through me. I am too but on so many levels. I work in a public library. We get all types coming through here–angry people, mentally disturbed people, homeless people, kids, parents, depresesed folks, and all types of regular folks. You never know what you’re going to get or what is going to set someone off. There have been library staff hit, threatened, and followed to their cars.

    And sometimes being a female librarian is even worse. You sit at desk facing the public and you’re told to be polite and that customer service is number one priority, so you have all types of men coming on to, flirting with you, and trying to ask you on a date. Sometimes you can brush it off, but sometimes it could go left just like when men holler at women in the street. Now that I am divorced and don’t wear a wedding ring, I feel even more vulnerable.

    Active shooter situations scare the sh*t out of me and some of my colleagues. When you hear the cases of people shooting up movie theaters, Planned Parenthood clinics, and schools, what’s stopping someone from shooting up a library especially in this Trump Era where most public libraries are actively against everything he represents? Some days I can push through and not think about it. Some days, I need to take my anti-anxiety medication.

    The other day I was on the city bus, lost my balance and bumped into this old white guy. When I went to apologize, he elbowed me in the ribs twice. When I yelled at him to not touch me, he pushed me. When I yelled again, he raised up his forearm to bash me in the head. I’m 44 years old. I’ve been riding the bus and train for 30+ years and I’ve never had anyone threaten me with physical violence. I don’t want to say it was racial, but at my core I feel like it was since I was the only black person on the bus and the part of Brooklyn I live in went to Trump. Who takes a forearm to a woman?

    I know this email was long, and I’m very sorry. I wrote all of that to say that I understand where you coming from, Rod. I am also glad that you’re one of the few men that I know (in real life or online) that sympathizes with the unique dangers women face.

  6. mayabee

    (This is gonna be a long one, but it’s definitely one that’s relevant in regards to violence against women. Big trigger warning for those who are sensitive because I’m about to talk about coercion, attempted rape and revenge porn)

    Maybe a week or so ago, my school’s Japanese club took a trip to Nashville for a cherry blossom festival. Me and my two young friends (let’s call them Bi (bee) and Cal) rode with one of the advisers of the program and an upperclassman and they wanted to get pizza at this fancy place before we headed home back to Kentucky. The dinner was nice and fine and we got to finally bond with the upperclassmen, but the subject suddenly turned to the visiting group of Japanese students that came to our university for a month. Apparently, the group that came was so weird and strange that one of the senseis was informed on how weird the boys were acting.

    Me and Bi knew exactly what they were talking about because Bi had a strange run in with one of them. Dude seriously met her during one of our sanctioned Japanese practice times and by the night, he went to her dorm room and went can you be my girlfriend. However, we didn’t know WHY he was so fucking weird until that night on the car ride home. Dani, the upperclassman riding with us, told us that Dude had essentially created a revenge porn video of a fellow Japanese female student giving him head and proceed to not only show it to the males in his travel group but the upperclass Japanese majors as well. This was something we didn’t know about. I thought the worse was him basically trying to pull Bi’s clothes down and trying to force her to have sex with her because he knew I wasn’t with her (I live off campus). Dani continues to say that he stalked one of her friends who was a former student but she recently graduating. Dani said that he wanted to JUST take pictures with her friend and her friend told him to leave her alone and that he is creeping her out.

    Bi came to realization that what happened to her was attempted rape and that nothing was her fault, but there was a huge heaviness over the Japanese girl who was involved because we did not give her the resources to help her process through her trauma. For quick clarification, Bi and the other girl are white and most of the girls this predator tried to go after were white girls in the Japanese program. Sadly, this was a bit of a pattern during that month, but thankfully, nothing was on THIS level of severity.

    I’m so sorry this ran long, but it’s a story that is sadly relevant that should not have happen to anyone but yet here we are. Thank you, Maya.

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