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SMR 127: Sleight

Rod and Karen discuss the new black syfy hood movie “Sleight.”



    There’s was potential that Sleight could’ve been a good film, even very good, but the writing is just subpar. Jacob Latimore & Dule Hill were easily the stand out powering through the wack script. Seychelle Gabriel was OK with Latimore, but I wasn’t that impressed with her. I also feel like Sasheer Zamata & Cameron Esposito’s characters weren’t fleshed out enough to add to the movie. I would like to see a sequel, but the writers & director need to do a better job for the next movie. Hopefully, the studio will give them more than $250k to work with.

  2. cocoqt81

    Hey, guys! I really enjoyed this review. I had fun at this movie because it was so ridiculously corny.I was sitting in the theater laughing at the absurdity. Some of the casting choices had me lol ing, particularly the bad guy who looked like Fat Joe. Y’all are right, none of those dudes were scary. A lot of things were forced, particularly the fact that they were supposedly these street dudes, but every time something bad needed to be done, they insisted on bringing the little corny teenager along. Like, why? It just made it look like they weren’t really about that life. But I guess they were trying to show us how easily manipulated teenagers can be. Idk, I really found it funny that outside of Auntie neighbor, the people he turned to for support were non-black. The teacher really felt like a white savior. The most enjoyable part of the movie was when he had to go get his sister back… but he used no sense of urgency to go get her. lmao! Angelo stole her from school at like 2 pm and he didn’t go back to get her til he tried to sell some more drugs, and then have a consult with the white savior teacher. It was like way too many hours, and he didn’t seem pressed at all. I think I graded this movie on a curve because it’s about a little black boy. lol It wasn’t a great script, but it was okay enough. It’s a low budget film and you have to treat it as such when you go see it. I really wish he would have used his “powers” a little more. That was the best part of the movie, and it was way too short. Idk where they’ll go with this. Maybe they’ll get a budget for more special effects next time. And, he should have killed Angelo. Like, he stole your sister. Fuck him! You chopped a kid’s hand off, but you let Angelo live. Why? I guess they didn’t want us to turn on Bo. Anyway, love the reviews. Later!

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