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1458: And The Tickets Go To…

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Rod and Karen discuss listener feedback.

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  1. Mack

    One thing that made me happy was that the game went so long tonight that Maher’s ratings had to be impacted.

  2. MadSanity

    Bill Maher was raised Irish Catholic, he found out his Mother was Jewish when he was a teen, but never practiced Judaism. Presently he is a vocal Atheist in ’08 he even made the hackneyed movie Religulous with Christianity and Judaism as the main punching bags, but spread the shit around on everyone. He seemed to make a turn , or at least I finally noticed it, during Obama’s years to focus more on being more vocally Anti-Islamic, and the ish just plays out into his “Liberal” brand of racism. Give Larry Wilmore Bill’s show. #RealTimeWithLarryWilmore

  3. D Ramsey PhDone

    Great show as always. I am so over white tears!

  4. Mimi

    I’m so torn…I do like the new rap intro to Balls Deep Sports, but I’m gonna miss singing along to the old Clevland Show one…’I’m talking bout Baaaaalllz Deep in looooove!!!’ May I suggest bringing it back in as an outro? Not saying the program will be lacking with it gone, but I’m gonna sure miss singing that song!

    Anyway, enjoy the rest of the weekend and see you both soon at NegroCon!

    PS: Fuck athletics!!

    • Mimi

      Oh yeah, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for putting on the Game of Thrones recaps!!!!! Y’all had me hella hype when they popped up on my podcast feed! These are gonna get me through my work week!

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