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1468: Live From RFD Washington

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Rod and Karen are joined by Justin to record our first ever live TBGWT in front of an audience. The audio was for shit but we wanted to put it out any ways. The video is also on our website if you want to see us.

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  1. EvieE

    I really had a great time at Negrocon and the highlight was meeting the two of you. Karen you are so beautiful in person and I love your smile. Wish I could have hung out with you guys a little longer after the show but had to go home to the kid. Thanks again for what you do and looking forward to next year’s Negrocon! Hope you enjoyed the treats.

  2. FalconsDiva

    YASSSS for the video!!! I’ve always envisioned Queen Karen would be jamming to Sylvester. I finally got to see it.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the audience singing along.

    A true love fest!

  3. ProfKori

    Thank you so much for sharing and for letting us know we could see it on YouTube. That was great!!! So happy this went so well. So glad you felt the love as everyone was singing the songs, etc. XOXO

  4. Mack

    Ms Karen looked like she was having a ball, getting her chair dance on!

  5. csick

    The audio wasn’t too bad. I could still make out most of what everyone was saying.
    It’s actually kind of cool that you can hear the audience so well because you can tell how much fun everyone was having.

  6. Mzme

    HOT FIYA!! <> I’m so glad I got to attend and meet you guys in person! AND ya’ll got to experience my city! Anyway, great show, so excuse me while I get in line for next year.

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