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OSR 38: Better Call Saul Season 3

Rod and Chris Lamberth discuss season 3 of Better Call Saul.

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  1. Mack

    Jimmy may be a scum bag, but Chuck blocked every attempt he made to try to do better. And he let Jimmy take care of him at home, fight for him at the hospital, and run all of his errands. Meanwhile, he gave Jimmy dagger after dagger: blocked him from good law work (which had a good chance of straightening Jimmy out, given how hard he worked in the mail room to get his law degree and pass the bar) and in the end, did everything he could to strip him of the law and finally to tell Jimmy that he never cared about him at all. He used and abused Jimmy at every turn, including constantly telling Jimmy that he could never be anything more than a 2 bit hustler. That’s just low.

    Jimmy felt bad for his bad actions towards Chuck, but Chuck never had any remorse for what he did to Jimmy, Howard, Kim or anyone else.

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