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SMR 134: Baby Driver

Rod and Karen discuss Edgar Wright’s latest film Baby Driver.



    I really enjoyed this film. While it’s my favorite of the year, just seeing it was a good time anyway. The car chases, solid writing, Ensel Elgort’s character & the rest of the cast just did a great job. I don’t think the heist genre changed with this film, though, there were some pretty things here that were different from the main character’s perspective, so I thought those aspects, without giving much away, were cool. Edgar Wright continues his streak of making hi-quality entertainment & good characters. I’m glad this passion project of his turned out well.

  2. Amani

    This really was the Guardians of the Galaxy version of Drive. It was fun, but this was the whitest version of Atlanta I’ve ever seen. And I don’t know if it was just that jacket or the fact I can’t tell white people apart but I kept confusing Baby with the guy they picked for the Han Solo prequel. And if Disney isn’t liking the acting maybe they should have gone with this dude.

  3. Anonymous

    P.S.: I saw the trailer for Flatliners remake. WHYYYYYYYY? Of all the movies to bring back from the dead, why Flatliners? (Pun intended in this case, lol.)

  4. Anonymous

    I went to see Baby Driver on a whim because I had no hopes for it. I never ever saw a trailer, just a poster in the theater. But my honey is a fan of Edgar Wright so he convinced me to go. I was hella surprised. Baby Driver was a really good movie. I enjoyed it very much. It’s great to see an action movie based on car chases and shoot outs and not CGI. I loved all the over the top characterizations from Baby and his old school mix tape/beat making ass to Bats psycho killer self. Kevin Spacey was surprisingly underacting, IMO. I think Edgar Wright came up with the soundtrack first and then made a movie around it. The music is the main character and every one else is secondary. It wasn’t until the end of the movie where Jon Hamm’s character, Buddy, blew out Baby’s ear drums with the gun blast that I realized Debora wasn’t Baby’s OTP, it was his music and his mom’s singing.

    I thought the soundtrack was lit and I haven’t stopped playing it on Spotify since. Baby and his headphones reminded me of my brother in middle school and high school and my ex-husband throughout college–they always had music in their ears and filtered the world through their own personal soundtrack. It was how they coped with their sadness, anger, isolation. My ex-husband used to joke that if he had to choose between a new pair of headphones and his next meal, the headphones would win every single time.

    This is definitely a movie where you have to leave your disbelief at the front door and just enjoy the ride, pardon the pun. I’d even go see it again during a matinee.

    I finally saw the trailers for The Dark Tower (I want to see it now) and I saw the trailer for It (Fuck that scary clown shit). Daddy’s Home 2 looked funny. I saw the first one on Amazon with my daughters and they loved it, so I’m guessing I’m taking them to see it.

    Thanks for the reviews.

    BrooklynShoeBabe (@kikishoes on Twitter)

  5. Forest

    The setting is potentially another sticking point, but Atlanta is a black ass town. One of the main things I notice when I visit there is the fact that you see black people literally all over the place in every station of life there. So, for it to be ATL, I did think the representation was a bit off, but that’s being hella nitpicky. It didn’t take me out of the film, because so much of my belief was already suspended. I mean, there was utter fucking mayhem and dude only had to serve 5 years. Although, he is a young white male, so the good kid shit just might work in a real court…fuck the justice system…anyway, I had a good time watching this. So, I took the sticking points with a grain of salt. Until next time, which I’m assuming will be Spider-Man Homecoming…Peace!

  6. Mack

    You asked in the show where the movie was set. The movie was set in Atlanta. Atlanta Police cars, the first bank was something like Bank of Atlanta. A lot of it was set in downtown and looked to be near the areas from the first season of the Walking Dead. And the restaurant scene with Big Boi was when they went to Bacchanalia and then found out that their bill had been paid. They were talking to Kevin Spacey.

    I enjoyed the movie, but it’s styling caught me way off guard. Like Karen said, I enjoyed the music, and the way that everything synced to the beat. Jamie Foxx was a trip, but I was surprised we didn’t see Shane from TWD more.

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