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1480: The Chocolate Challenge

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Rod and Karen discuss Obama news, Miss South Africa controversy, Republicans lowering minimum wage, republican rape apologist, Easyjet pilot, Emilia Clarke compares sexism and racism, racist graffiti, the chocolate challenge, ghetto lawn letter, Macron on Africa, man kills prison pen pal, star wars vs star trek fight, woman convicted of killing firefighter husband, sword ratchetness and a surprise.

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  1. EvieE

    I didn’t know how much I missed the groupie tales and I definitely didn’t realize how much I’d miss Hating Ass Terrell’s wretched ass comments. He says the most egregious, foul, misogynistic stuff. He is the Emperor of ashiness but I laugh out loud every time you read his comments in that gruff voice. I hope these groupies get to fucking and telling again so we can have more of the comments.

  2. Coonfucious (@Blike_Dante)

    Maybe Hating Ass Terrell Jones was the one who said Umar Johnson renewed his phd because he renewed his hateration in the groupie dancerie

  3. thewritin1

    Maybe Hating Ass Terrell Jones was talking about that interview where Orlando Brown (Eddie) alluded to him and Raven going down on each other. Then again, it’s Hating Ass Terrell Jones, so who knows! 🙂

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