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1486: Mike Vick Is In The Dog House

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Rod and Karen discuss a dumb ass license plate fight on Twitter, mini flame throwers for women, Mindy Kailing pregnant, Bey’s twins birth certs leaked, white woman shot by cop, homophobic dude fired by GOP office, Kermit tea, white people open a restaurant, black man renounces church over Trump support, drug dealer snitches on himself, police chief robs bank, men kill other men in PA and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Anonymous

    The first date I went on after being married for 20 years and then getting divorced, I texted my girlfriend my date’s license plate number just in case he was the killer. I don’t understand how that’s any different than telling someone the address of where you’re spending the night. Your address is way more personal information considering any person walking the street can see your license plate number as well as traffic lights that can mail you tickets by taking pictures of your license plate. Maybe if that fool had just asked before speeding away, he might have learned something. *smdh*

  2. D Ramsey PhDone

    I started listening to the podcast this morning and my soul hurts knowing that in 2017 the majority of people do not care about the unspeakable acts of violence towards Black/Women/Trans.

    Lastly, the definition of Brinkmanship is “the art or practice of pursuing a dangerous policy to the limits of safety before stopping, typically in politics.” During the Cold War, this term was described as a tactic to approach the verge of war in order to persuade one’s opponent to retreat.”

  3. Anne

    This is off topic but I wanted to post it somewhere. HBO announced it will do a new series about an alternate history where the confederacy actually won the war and slavery still exists. As someone on Twitter said…I wonder why they would think people would be interested in a show like this?

    Also, I’m frustrated by “alternate” histories like this because the alternatives always seem to reinforce current beliefs, not challenge them. Imagining that the South won the Civil War is not an alternate history considering that the Heritage not Hate crowd still worships their “sainted” ancestors. And when you take into account the treatment of black Americans since the end of the Civil War, the Confederacy still got their way, just not directly. What I would like to see is someone do a show about an alternate history where the Union actually executed the Confederate soldiers for treason and kept reconstruction in the South until 1900. Imagine what evil could have been exercised from the US if that happened. But to analyze black slavery in a successful Confederacy again? No thanks.

    An interesting point about this is that HBO made sure to hire two black producers (as cover) so they can say the production team is diverse. Meh. It’s amazing that HBO would chose to do this and not fund a show like Underground. The story is fiction based on history so they would have room for creativity. It just isn’t the type of story that results in a hat tip to the resurgent white supremacy that Trump’s presidency encourages.

    Here’s the link to the story about the show. http://www.msn.com/en-us/tv/news/%E2%80%98game-of-thrones%E2%80%99-creators-land-new-series-at-hbo/ar-AAosPZs?OCID=ansmsnnews11

    Didn’t mean to highjack your comment thread but I had to say something.

  4. Rigo Fernandez (@chi_rigo606)

    Hi fam,

    I missed that twitter discussion but hearing you talk about it is unbelievable. Y’all are absolutely right though, we can’t act like violence against women isn’t just as bad in our communities. When my girlfriend and I first started dating (she’s black and I’m mexican american) I did initially think it was weird that she asked me to take a pic of my drivers license since we had worked together and known each other for 2 years. But she was real with me and let me know she had to be safe when it got down to it. And honestly, it didn’t bother me because – surprise – I wasn’t planning on doing anything to her except showing her a good time. If you’ve got nothing to hide then there’s literally no downside to letting women do whatever they have to in order to protect themselves. Especially in this world.

    Keep up the great work!

  5. Noir Dynamite (@BlackDynamiteJC)

    Hey Tipper Family,
    Y’all…China’s issue with sexual violence is very upsetting. The fact that domestic violence just became illegal 2 years ago still blows my mind. In rural areas, women have even less rights. There’s still this belief that anything that happens at home and “behind closed doors” is between the couple. I’ve personally seen instances of men beating up women in public with people watching and even filming. The women’s rights movement is in its early stages in China while economic development is a higher priority. Chinese women, in general, are in a pretty tough position.

    Just thought I’d chime in with some additional China stuff. Excellent show. Made me laugh and made me think. And definitely made me feel certain ways about various issues y’all brought up.

    All the best!
    Jaris in China

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