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TTM 11: Insecure

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In a very special episode of “This Too Much” Rod and Bassey discuss critically acclaimed HBO comedy “Insecure.”

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  1. FalconsDiva

    Thank you for this show!

    OMG! I have a cookout aversion too. Especially if it’s at a park or something because like Bassey said, there’s no place to hide and don’t get me started on the bathroom thing. If it’s at a house where I’m familiar, I will always find a place to retreat periodically. The good thing about the cookout – it’s usually enough people that when I slip away, I go unnoticed. The other good thing, there’s usually an end time when the sun goes down. I actually pray for rain when I have to go to a cookout and I never ride with someone else because I gotta dip when I’m ready to dip.

    I have a friend that is Molly. She’s never watched Insecure because she doesn’t have HBO but I think she’s going to start watching soon and I can’t wait to hear her thoughts on Molly.

    Anyway, it was so good hearing you two. I can’t wait for This Is Us to come back. We’ll get this on a weekly basis!

  2. Mack

    Hey yall,

    It seems that the only person that Issa had sexual chemistry with was Daniel. Everyone else was super awkward.

    Regarding Bassey thinking Tasha looks old, they’ve done this thing this season where without makeup on, you can really see Tasha’s smile lines around her cheeks.

    Lawrence was catchin that flirtation from the waitress, but I think his co-workers might be bout it, too. But he could have at least said, that the work thing was going to keep him tied up for the rest of the night so she didn’t keep texting. He was trying to cause that confrontation.

  3. Valerie

    I just wanted to say thanks for doing this show about Insecure, I loved it!

  4. rodimusprime

    Listening to the latest on Insecure. Tasha’s mediocre encouragement comes up and Bassey mentions how her teller also gives her words of encouragement because she’s been cashing more checks lately………….HOW ABOUT bank tellers get back to doing their gotdamn jobs!!!??

    I don’t need life coaching with my banking transactions!!

    that is all LOL

  5. katrinapavela

    It’s always magical when you two get together. I swear I’d listen to any conversation you had, secretly raising my hand in an attempt to be pulled into the huddle. Anyway, I loved the discussion on Insecure, and I wanted to pitch what I think is going on with Molly. Her dating last season and laser focus on her career this season are connected in my mind. From both those missions (because that’s what they are to her) she’s looking for recognition and acknowledgment. In her mind she’s done all the right things, and therefore *should* have the man and the career on lock. Last season she thought the career was going well, and just needed to add the man. That mission blew up in her face, and required too much introspection to make it successful. This season, having discovered that all was not well at work, she made that her new mission. But she’s running up against similar road blocks in therapy. She doesn’t want to do the internal work (because she’s too *insecure* for that), so she’s made the work thing a mission she feels she can accomplish and derive some satisfaction from. It’s not really about the money, but the recognition. She couldn’t get it from her white man boss at the firm, so now she’s trying a new tact with what’s her face in Chicago. It’s almost like she’s seeking the ‘well done, my child’ seal of approval that’s suddenly gonna make her life’s efforts OK. But that’s never gonna happen because she’s the only one who can give herself that stamp of approval. Low key, I wonder if we will find out if this is connected to her family. We’ve heard her brothers being brought up twice now. I wonder if that relationship and family dynamic will reveal her to be the overlooked child, or something along those lines. Just my guess. Love y’all!!!!

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