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1504: Charlottesville

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Rod and Karen discuss the fall out from the Charlottesville terrorist attack, DNC in-fighting, White People News and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Ms. Smart

    I sent an email but it is specifically for BDS pre-game. I’m not sure I put that in the subject line. K-bye-thanks,

  2. Dee Jay

    Re:Heidi Montag’s pregnancy, I’m with Karen. .

  3. Amani

    I really want to thank y’all for this episode. You’ve both talked about that balance between trying to be funny but this was real shit. The last year or so I’ve found myself mentally preparing myself for what I’d do if shit goes left but I hadn’t stopped to put words to it until this episode. My fear isn’t mostly about my personal safety, but letting their hate change me or break me down and put me into situations I don’t want to be in.

    And all these white liberals asking where is Obama and going after Kamala Harris for not being pure enough, I notice nobody asking where Bernie is leading this supposed revolution. For all the shit his supposed wing of the party he doesn’t belong to gets upset about, they’re quiet as fuck on actual accomplishments. That silence on shit that matters to Black voters and especially Black women as the base of the fucking party while you court these same tiki torch mother fuckers is why I’ll never fuck with it.

    But genuinely love y’all and appreciate how hard you ride for us daily. Karen’s fro is popping and Rod out here luxuriating with the beard game. Blackness just shining!

    P.S. Big dick fleas? I think you mean WesFLEA Pipes

  4. Antoinette

    I just have to say thanks for this episode. I know it may be tough when you’re also trying to process information and feelings, so I’d completely understand if you wouldn’t want to discuss this madness on the podcast. But I wanted to let you both know how appreciated you are. The first time I listened to this show was the day after zimmerman’s punk ass was acquitted–I went to work and googled “black podcasts” because I just needed to hear US that day. I’ve been listening ever since. Hurts that we still need episodes like this, but y’all are a blessing. Thank you!

  5. Miss Gamine Dream

    My hurt breaks for the Black officer in the cover art of this episode. The level of restraint he displayed is beyond measure.
    I hope he has a good self-care plan as he may never be able to escape this image thus forcing him to relive this horrific experience reportedly.

  6. Michelle

    About Charlottesville, I am curious about the international reaction to this event. When people were killed by a car speeding through a crowd in England, the international community agreed that it was terrorism. People had Facebook memes. I don’t see anything now. My local news didn’t mention it. The local paper mentioned it one the third page. The priest at church made no reference to it. He talked about keeping refugees safe. Nothing. Now, a protest in Fergurson with no fatalities? All day coverage hoping to find a single injury.

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