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PG 111: Epsom Salt

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss being aunts and uncles, politics, taking people out of context in fights, is woke a trend?,  Baller Wives, LHHH, what Rod has watched on Netflix and listener feedback.

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  1. rodimusprime

    What up Rod and J Harvey,

    Oh my God, Oh my GOD! Did yall see that crazy reveal this past Thrones Sunday? I can’t believe these women, everytime I think one thing it happens to be another. Can yall believe that Tiffany used her dick sucking skills to bring Derek back to being faithful only to her? Jon and Dany who? I want to hear more about Tiffany, as a matter of fact I’m #teamTiffany now. Once again Insecure got everybody talking. I hope you, Karen and Bassi can do an Off-Season review of the show. I can’t WAIT for that dinner party next week.

    I was mad as hell when I saw that Legends was done, but the whole season was noice. I know it’s too many to count but what were some of yall’s favorite lines or scenes from season 2? I know I still fall out when Lee Kim’s dad tells him to stay away from Malik.

    Great shows as always.



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