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1517: Put Some Respect On Sansa’s Name

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Rod and Karen are joined by John and Tyler of the Jenkins And Jonez Podcast to recap Game Of Thrones.

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  1. Eric

    Yo. Tyron wasn’t mad about John getting Daenarys before him. He’s worried about succession. Being able to rule. Legacy. With John and Dany as a power couple, it could leave him out in the cold in the long run.

    … Thank goodness the dragon must have three heads…

  2. Cassie67Impala

    Great recap episode! Glad John and Tyler were there, good vibes from them! I knew Sansa and Arya were working together. Like you said Rod, Arya is TRAINED, she knows when to hide and when to be seen. And Sansa was never stupid, her parents just didn’t prepare her for the world, she had to learn from experience. I would say everything I ever wanted to come to fruition did in this episode. I had been waiting for the Cersei and Tyrion confrontation for a long time. As well as the official reveal of the familial ties between Danerys and Jon. Sad we won’t have these recaps until 2019, but at least I got those premiums OSR, SMR, and of course TWD and Fear TWD will be back before we know it! Thanks Rod and Karen, love you!

  3. reallydarkknight

    This episode of GOT showed why it’s the GOAT!

    That LittleFinger scene had me howling! And you know what Rod? Weeeeeeee were right about Sansa. Smoked that fool with his own words. The cat who plays Little Finger should get an Oscar, Emmy and a Grammy for that look when Sansa says his name. Y’all know that look…like when you were fucking around and the teacher calls your name to answer the question. That shit was so good.

    Just like Arya, I’ve got my own list of who gotta die on this show. I can’t wait for creepy ass Varys to get the rest of his body burned up. Fuck that dude! Some of y’all tryin to say Theon will redeem himself by saving Yara. Nah, fuck Reek yesterday, fuck Reek today, fuck Reek forever! With his punk ass!

    Too bad we got to wait until 2019 for that shit.

  4. EvieE

    I would like to put it out in the universe, people I’d like to see murdered in season eight, Cersei, Jamie, Robyn Arryn, The Mountain, Quyburn, Varys, Theon, Those Septons who made Sam clean their shit, and Brienne’s coochie (by Tormund’s D)

    A girl can dream.

  5. Coonfucious (@Blike_Dante)

    Greetings House Tips from House Collards and Ratchet.

    Rod I howled at you saying Euron is Zell from Love and Hip Hop Hollywood and as a fellow ratchet scholar, I agree because he stay ready with the jokes and the hands just like Zell.

    To have some fun I ask you who is the Kurt, Mendeecees, Cisco and Masika of dem thrones?

  6. ChanceEncounter

    Rod, I understand why you didn’t read my comment last week. There’s a lot of shitty people spoiling things all over the place. I wasn’t, but better safe than sorry.
    Anyway, the finale was amazing. Cersei’s evil ass gave no shits about zombie, duh. We got some new disgusting sexy incest. Carcettifinger FINALLY found his rat ass in a corner he couldn’t talk his way out of. And Sansa shat on all the haters. “I’m a slow learner, it’s true. But I learn.” Best moment had to be The Hound being proud that Arya could take care of herself.
    My favorite season 8 theory is that somehow Darrio will have found himself involved with the Golden Company, if only for there to be yet another scene of sad ass Jorah realizing there’s even more men around that Dany would fuck before ever even thinking of him.

    Great episode, as always. Glad I went premium recently so I can go back to listen to past season recaps (not just for GoT but also TWD). It’s gonna be a long, dark winter waiting for season 8.

  7. D Ramsey PhDone

    I apologize to Mr. Rob for not believing him about Sansa Stark (she still talks to much). One of the best reviews of the season-*****Stars.

  8. Amani

    Rod been leading that Sansa bandwagon for years now and I’m waiting on people to apologize to him like they need to for Secret Empire. When Arya hit him with that “My sister asked you a question” maaaaaaaaan listen!

    But I’m mad they spent all this type hyping up Rhaegar as this fine ass dude, and they just ended up sending out an extra with Viserys’s old wig. And all I know is if Tormund is still a live he’d better make it back to Winterfell before Jamie’s ass strolls in there for Brienne. Great recap as always and so much fun having John and Tyler on too.

    • Amani

      Just got mad all over again. They really gave the Night King a goddamn Ice Dragon with blue flame to get ONE wight that Cersei just Cuban B’d the fuck out of anyway. Jon stay Starking it up.

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