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1519: The Doors Of The Cast Are Back Open

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Rod and Karen discuss Rod’s thoughts on the last week, Hillary Clinton’s book excerpts, Joel Osteen, Jay-Z and Kanye, L’Oreal drops transgender model, Kid Rock, MTV racism, KKK hung from trees, man stashes body in fridge with his girlfriend, pedo accidentally let out of jail, Wendy’s salad tosser, man hits friend with car and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    There has always been something about Joel Olsteen that has bugged me with his swarmy smile and that pedophile like voice of his. I wouldn’t be surprised if that motherfucker has bodies hidden somewhere on his property. I wish him, Pat Robertson, Jim Baker and Creflo Dollar were in a boat and it capsized into a sea of sharks. They’re all pimps in the pulpit.

  2. Cassie67Impala

    Hey y’all! I’ve been a fan of the MTV Challenge shows from the gate. First of all, Leroy is one of my favorite people on the show. The girl who said the racist shit to Leroy is Brazilian with a fake accent. Not sure how she got a Japanese last name. Anyway, It’s not the first time that girl Camilla did some racist shit. A few seasons ago her and another white girl (who claimed to be naive about racism because she grew up in a cult) were making fun of one of the black male cast mates and did black face. She tried to say that she’s Brazilian didn’t know about black face. I call bullshit, she grew up in America. And the most recent episode THIS WEEK she was in Leroy’s face calling him a black motherfucker multiple times. And she is in the confessional crying white woman tears, talking about how the situation makes her feel and how she was going to change. But then the reunion episode happens and she calling Leroy a nigger. And they’re bringing her back for the future seasons? Trash. I guess I’m not gonna watch anymore.

  3. EDubs

    Okay, but…what was the name of that roach song? Where did it come from?? I work in a pathology lab and somebody almost got they diagnosis all effed up cause I was laughing too hard at that song. Please enlighten me!

  4. D Ramsey PhDone

    Good morning family! I am so glad that the love and humor are back! 5 Stars! Sorry to hear about the flood. Glad that you two are back and better than ever!
    Beyonce’ and Janet in Houston this past week was amazing! #Legends

  5. jamielscorpio

    As an atheist I have contemplated many times running the hustle of a prosperity preacher. But then I would say damn I don’t wanna miss football. But now that the NFL is trash and the only way to be woke is to boycott it. It might be time to work on getting a jet and sending vegtable oil I mean healing oil to people

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