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1531: Duck Duck Noose

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Rod and Karen discuss Azealia Banks goes at Cardi B, B.o.B. raising money to see if the earth is flat, Hurricane Maria washing up mines on shore, Saudi Arabia letting women drive in 10 months, mad pooper, Costco wedding, UK court rules against man for not handing over device passwords, Justin Bieber gonna shine a light on racism, update on teen who hung black boy, racist vendor at car show, Fire chief calls Tomlin a slur, Clarence Thomas in the NMAAHC,religious doctor is sued, drug dealing woman caught using fake police lights to get to court, man dies after being stung by bees, sword ratchetness.

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  1. Tiffany

    Y’all forgot one of the games…Hide and Go Get Hung. These damn clear people ARE as stupid as they look!!

  2. Justin W.

    Y’all had me dying laughing today! The breakdown of the case with the woman who defecated on people’s lawns (why one specific lawn?)…..But y’all raised some interesting questions regarding the breast-feeding and shitting on an IHOP table. LOL These people are crazy in today’s world.

  3. Coquinegra

    This is why we need to step up our educational system and stop giving platforms to idiots.

  4. Dunedragon

    Great episode. When talking about the various hate crime games, when Rod said “Pin the…” my breath was held abated as I expected to hear “…crime on the non-honkey”. Rod, you almost made a quadriple double.


    Instead of the mad proper of about the a BUTler.

    Linda Belcher
    Bob’s Burgers



      • DERRICK

        This is what I meant to say
        Instead of the Mad pooper how about the BUTler.
        Okay I’m done trying to correct myself I hate spell check on my phone it always messes me up. Lol
        Now back to my corner.

  6. Noir Dynamite (@BlackDynamiteJC)

    Y’all really brought the jokes today.


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