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1536: Get Wood With White News

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Rod and Karen are joined by Jess Wood of the Get Wood Podcast to discuss what Jess has been up to in Cali, hippie life stuff, more Las Vegas shooting fall out, spiders are coming, 10 things to never say to a childless woman over 50, White People News and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    The title Dame is granted by the Queen to a woman who is awarded the Dame Commander of the Most Excellent Order or DBE which is basically the equivalent of a man being knighted, with the KBE. It’s basically an honorific title that says you’ve been given the highest honor by the queen. A notable American dame who has been granted this honor is Angelina Jolie who can call herself Dame Angelina if she wanted to.

    I don’t know why I know this. Maybe because I like mayo and cheese and I know this stuff by osmosis.

  2. D Ramsey PhDone

    Jess is invited to all cookouts, homegoings, and other celebrations!

  3. Miss1ko

    “Most Jobs are designed to beat the hopes and dreams out of people”
    Queen Karen
    “Not just that job, LIFE”
    Pastor Rod

    Listen. LISTEN
    Truth. TRUER WORDS have never been spoken. I’m typing this at work. Trying to hold on (I sung that in the cadence of en vogue) to a few milliliters of my soul. That. Is. The. Struggle.

    I had to take a smoke/coffee/internet break to cosign and say how life and work try to hold you down and cause anxiety and depression.


  4. Justin

    The cover to “Hey Ya” was the worst! I am not as repulsed as others are with the covers, but this was bad.

  5. T

    Hillary Clinton is absolutely the patron saint of whhhhite women

  6. Lauren in Pittsburgh

    Dildo Daggins in The Ho-bbit: Neck and Back Again.

  7. Coquinegra

    OMG that segment on being an older woman with no kids – I felt that.

  8. brooklynshoebabe

    I so enjoyed your podcast today with Jess Wood. I’m going to have to check her podcast out and maybe her stand up if she’s ever in the New York area. I had to laugh at the idea of people getting mad at Jess because she was checking to see if any of her friends were hurt in the LV shooting, and their response was like “there’s no black people at no country music festival.” When I first heard about the shooting, I wasn’t sure what race the shooter was. The M.O. was strictly angry white guy, but then I thought, “maybe it was a black man or a terrorist because country music festival fans would be white gun enthusiasts.” I was a little shocked this time around when it was a white shooter. I said aloud “But these are YOUR people.” Does this make me a terrible person? LOL. Fuck it, look who’s our president. I can’t possibly be as terrible as him.

    Thanks, as always, for getting a smile out of me even under the bad circumstances.


    P.S.: I absolutely agree with that CBS Executive. She shouldn’t have said it so publicly, but I agree. However, when our leader can say the most horrific things like “grab em by the pussy” and still get and KEEP a job, is it fair for people to get fired for saying what they believe no matter how vile? (*Pause* I don’t believe that, but I could see people making the case for it.)

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