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#Walking FTWD: Season 3: 14 El Matadero

Rod and Karen discuss Fear The Walking Dead.


  1. rodimusprime

    I’m watching the show on DVR and I’m hoping I get this in before you do feedback, but I just wanted to say thank you both for putting in the time with this show. I guess there’s only a handful of us watching but your recaps make the show that much more enjoyable. Have a great night and I look forward to catching y’all for the walking dead next week.


  2. Turq

    Hi guys-

    I really hope the showrunners plan on making the leads in FTWD villians to separate this show from TWD. Madi doesn’t give a shit about anyone accept her family, Salazar has a history of fucking people up, and Strand is, well, Strand. Basically, they ain’t shit. It would be fun to see the Z-Poc​ from the villain’s POV, like those episodes about the Governor.

    Also, I hope woke Asian lady ends up being the character who crosses over to TWD. She seemed like she might have worked for the CIA or something because she knew too much too soon. I could believe she would be from the D.C. area and have what it takes to travel across the country. Also, I don’t think Jerry will live because he’s too good for this Earth so we will probably need to fill our Asian slot soon.



  3. kidjock

    Hey Ya’ll, Thanks for doing these recaps. As frustrated as I am with this family, I’m am equally excited to hear your reviews. FTWD is just the taste we need to hold us over until Dey Walking comes back in 2 weeks.

    Ok, my comments;
    1) What kinda dumb sense does it make that Alicia splits from her family to go off on her own? And how terrible of a sneak is Nick that he gets spotted ONE day into following her?
    2) Why do you need to go to the trading stadium….IF YOU ALREADY KNOW WHO YOU TRADING WITH? They never heard of cutting out the middle man?
    And finally it looks like Madison is going 5 for 5 in destroying whatever place that lets them in LMAO. The boat, the villa, the hotel, the ranch and now the dam. Salazar shoulda followed his first mind and never let them in. Can’t wait for the finale next week! Love Ya’ll!

  4. AO

    Roll call. I’m here! I can’t get back into this season but your recaps are all I need. I just wanted to send a note to say thank you.

  5. Selester63

    Finally, we get a black woman on the show, I hope she is here for a while and not just a hot minute (like that Asian woman who was briefly introduced in season 2). Also, her character seems to be a tough, independent, no shit taking type, which makes sense to be able to survive on your own in this world. Nick has returned to his junkie ways and he’s bringing Troy right along with him. I think Troy might be new to the drug addiction game and he’s in for a hell of a ride. I agree with both you and Karen that Strand has made some deal with this “Proctor John” dude and that’s going to fuck things up. Time for the finale.

  6. Mack

    Hey y’all.

    Y’all questioned why that guy was giving them the brain stems for free. I think it was the standard freebie to get you hooked and make you a repeat customer. It’s clear that Nick is getting back about his habit.

    Also, you mentioned that Nick cleaned up, but there was still some blood on his cheek, and it seemed that Madison noted it. Probably realized he was back out there among the zombies.

    Regardless, I’m still sick of Nick and Troy. I’d much rather still have Jake and Ophelia than those two.

    That doggone kid in the balls was so convenient. Ophelia not paying any attention to the rustling sound of the balls? That walker was the only one not moving? Just laying in the balls, and then jumping into action? C’mon, y’all????

    These 2 hours better be the business.

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