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1552: Nazi Hugging Gabe

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Rod and Karen are joined by Ms Smart to recap The Walking Dead.

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  1. Dunedragon

    YEEEEESSSSSSS!!!! TBGWT!!! Only place I get my ghetto geek on!!

    Lets start with the name of the episode. It should have been either Ruthless Rick (Rick mimicking Negan from last season asking if he needed to countdown to 10 and not even getting to 6 before he started busting caps, taking the polaroid) or Sharpened Stick (Morgan, dawg, Morgan). To my hot takes:

    Carl’s softness at the gas station will be his undoing. I am still on that code from a few season’s back that if you have survived up till now, what is your count of people you have killed. Quoting your mother and scriptures is not what keeps you alive.

    I feel that some of those Braveheart troop moral speeches Rick was giving was not in order, just like the old man Rick flash forwards and the Rick crying,tied under the stained glass. Im even suspecting some other scenes (like the gas station scene) may also be flash forwards. Time will tell..

    Did His Royal Highness Ezekiel need to have the Brothers and Sisters lines in his own speech? We need a few more blacks in the writer’s room. Cant have his lines be cooning.

    Was the lady dispatcher saying ” I want some bang bang….” a Junktacon who decided to stay with the Saviours? I also had the same Warriors vibe from her.

    I dont even know what to say about Gabriel. This NIGGAH! Im suspecting other commentators will give that niggah the smackdown he deserves. This niggah need to die. Can you believe Maggie was left in this niggah’s care?

    Now I wonder if this herd plan is a single strike or is it a war of attrition, keep doing moves to keep the herd in the savior’s vicinity.

    Got so much more to say but Im being greedy with y’all time. {In Eziekel’s voice} “Yes Jesus, Yes! Another fine podcast, brother Rod and sister Karen”.

  2. reallydarkknight

    Gebe gets out of his car, gets his car jacked, walks into a trailer with a big ass gun and HE’S the one whose got his shittin’ pants on? He deserves to get got.

    We were rooting for you! We were all rooting for you. Bye fool!

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