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TTM 19: Brothers

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Rod and Bassey discuss NBC’s family drama, “This Is Us.”

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  1. Dia

    I like Kevin, but I often feel the writers don’t know what to do with his character. Maybe that is why the Sophie and drug angle don’t work for me, they seem rushed.

    I have wondered even in the first season if Kevin’s lack of enthusiasm for Randall is womb-elated. I have heard that multiples can be impacted by the loss of another when they are young. Maybe Kevin doesn’t feel like everything is truly “right.”

    Lastly, Lil Randall is so cute and such a good kid ,but it also seems like Randall is the child that adults love and other kids find annoying. Adults love hearing about a kid’s science fair project, but other kids don’t.

    I say this because I think I was a Lil Randall growing up and now I see my precocious behavior at a young age may have been annoying to them. I was trying too hard and they just wanted me to, “be normal.”

    Thanks for the recaps!

  2. rodimusprime

    Hola Bassey and Rod,
    The star of this week’s This Is Us, as usual, is Randall. Michael Jackson Randall, had me dying. When he was upset about Kate and Kevin not wanting to use his map and his wig was moving all over? Comedy!

    But I think the main point of this week’s episode was FUCK FACEBOOK. FUCK FACEBOOK MESSENGER AND FUCK MIGUEL!

    Thanks guys for doing This Too Much. I finally got my homegirl Dalyn to listen and now she’s hella mad she didn’t start sooner. We do a text recap after watching the show then do another text recap after listening to you guys.

    Gracias for the GOLD.

    Ritzy P

    Side note: Could I get a mailing address for both of you? Gracias

  3. ClassicRandBLover

    Hi Rod and Bassey,

    I love your recaps as much as I love the show. What I find to be interesting as the show goes on is how my perceptions of the characters evolve. While my love for Randall continues to grow regardless of his age and the actor playing him, and my love for all things Jack goes without saying, my feelings for Kate, Kevin and Rebecca have changed.

    I still cant take any incarnation of young Kevin, but I’m finding that I now really like adult Kevin, something I never thought would be possible, On the other hand, while still liking young Kate, I find myself disliking adult Kate.It is really the compilation of a lot of things that make me feel that way; her treatment of Rebecca, her treatment of the girl in eaters anonymous her, treatment of Tobey, heck even her treatment of Randall. I know all the attention gets focused on Kevin, but I think there have been little signs of her co-signing on Kevin’s treatment of Randall. I know most find Tobey to be Team Too Much and I get that, but the real issue is why Kate chose him and in my experience, the Kate’s of this world secretly think everything should be about them while enjoying playing the victim card an a man like Tobey gives her that. His OTTness feeds Kate’s need to be centered while allowing her to cry woe is me when she needs to. I don’t know if Mandy Moore is becoming a stronger actress, or if the show is writing to her strengths but I have loved every Rebecca moment this year. Maybe it’s the simple fact that so many of her scenes have been sans Miguel, but I’m loving kRebecca.

    At this point, the only characters who I have not been able to alter my negative feels for are Miguel and Sophie, both of them can go at any time.

  4. EvieE

    Hi Rod and Bassey,

    I’ve really tried to like adult Kevin but his younger selves were such dicks that it’s been hard to like adult Kevin. But then he pulled that foul shit at the party. His friend tried to get him connected to Hollywood insiders and he tried to take his friend’s role. Kevin is a dick at any age. Yes, he has moments when he’s actually human, but seeing him in his twenties, I think I’ve finally figured him and Kate out. I think they’re just a product of white america. They’ve been born into a society that told them that they should have certain things in their lives and for some reason when things don’t turn out the way they want, they blame other people for their own shortcomings, Kate with her mother and Kevin with Randall. It’s a little puzzling considering who their parents are but I think the outside influences got to them. It felt like when Kate and Kevin were talking they seemed a bit jealous of Randall’s life falling into place as if they couldn’t be happy for him.

    Shout out to the Seik store worker in home depot. That scene was funny and touching. Loved the way he checked Randall and said, “dude, I’m from Trenton.”

    I wonder if Tess knows she was named after a ceiling fan.

    I haven’t cried all season, but they finally got me with this one when Rebecca was talking to babies Tess and Randall. Damn these writers are good.

    I feel like Miguel has been waiting for Rebecca to join Facebook for eight years just so he could slide into her DM’s. That’s some Littlefinger shit there. I don’t trust his ass.

    Fuck him and fuck Sophie too. I hope Sophie never gets to taste another pumpkin spice latte ever again.

  5. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod and Bassey,

    Also I forgot. I can’t stand Sophie. She is terrible at everything.
    My first thought when kevin didn’t make it for the auction was, why would you start the auction and he isn’t there. You guys have the same damn table. When you went up to the podium you knew he wasn’t at your table…..so why would you start the auction????? You also didn’t send anyone to look for him. He was standing outside the room, not scoring on the corner.
    So if you think about it, it was Sophie’s fault Kevin didn’t make it for the auction. Another point against stupid ass Sophie.

    Again thanks for the show.


  6. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod and Bassey,

    Thanks again for recapping This is Us. I really love hearing your insights. And I’m glad to hear the Miguel hate and the Toby hate because he can be so irritating at times.

    Also I just want to say that I also do NOT see it for Madison.

    I think it’s really inappropriate for her to be in that group. She clearly doesn’t belong and I think everyone else in the group IS uncomfortable with her being there. If not then someone WOULD have stood up for. At the bare minimum the group leader would’ve stepped up. Madison may have an eating disorder. But this group is specifically for over eaters.

    Until she shares a story with the group that sounds like she is struggling with that I will continue to give her the side eye. Because so far I feel like she is there because she thinks she overeats. And that sounds like a different disorder, so she needs to go and find HER people.

    Also I didn’t read Kate’s cussing out of Madison/subsequent crying as a hormonal outburst. I read it as she is stressed about losing the baby. And she’s been avoiding the stress by not talking about the baby. The car accident was (in my opinion) a breaking point to that stress. And Madison reach to her pregnancy made her realize she needs to be more open about the pregnancy. And that’s why she allowed Toby to tell the restaurant.

    That being said I hope that we just missed the scene where Toby mops up his mess or at least gave a crazy tip to the staff for allowing him to act like a straight fool.

    thanks again for the show.


  7. rodimusprime

    Hi Rod and Bassey,

    This was such an emotional episode for me. Mandy Moore was so good. I’m really glad that Miguel wasn’t in the picture yet. And, as much as I love Beth and don’t want to say it, it’s her fault that Miguel is around now. She helped Rebecca sign up for Facebook which allowed Miguel the opportunity to slide in those dm’s and prey on Rebecca’s loneliness. Also, he’s the worst. It took him 8 years to check in on his best friend’s grieving wife? True trash.

    I have an issue I want to address about present day Kevin. He’s not ok and it’s SO OBVIOUS that it’s frustrating that his family and Sophie aren’t picking up on it. Aren’t him and Kate always talking about their twin connection? When he talked to Kate on the phone about their dad a few episodes, you could hear in his voice that he was not okay and fighting back tears. Shouldn’t she of all people pick up on those things? Kevin telling Randall that he tries to not feel anything was hard to hear. He meant that and I need Randall to address it. It’s just been bothering me and I had to vent about it.
    I love your podcasts and look forward to your recaps every week. ✌

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